Monday, August 30, 2010

Just Ducky

So we started off the morning bright eyed and bushy tailed tired and cranky but we were all still eager to go on our Austin Duck Adventure.  We made the half hour trek to historic Sixth Street to meet our "Duck". 
After our obligatory trip to the rest room we lined up to embark.  Of course we were first in line because that's how I roll.  I thought we were going to be over taken by the senior citizens (note to self when I'm over 55 come back for a discount) but they booked the NINETY minute tour.  Pardon me Mr. Polo shirt and Mrs. Hot pink shorts and Hawaiian shirt but I have 3 kids.  75 minutes is more than enough for us.  But I digress.  So where were we?  Oh yes FIRST in line means first in line to meet our driver.  His name escapes me but we will call him Mr. Ponytail Mullet.  I do remember he named our duck and the duck was Howard.  He gave us all our souvenir quackers which were quickly unwrapped and immediately tested.  Great 3 quacking ducks and over 20 minutes until we leave (I told you I like to be FIRST).  For the next 20 minutes I heard, is it time yet?  Is it time yet?  (read: Are we there yet?).  Alas we were off.  Mr. Ponytail Mullet really was a great guide.  We had a great time learning new things about the city.  I'm sure I learned some things about the city that even native Texans don't know.  I told George that I wish I had gone on a Duck Tour in Pittsburgh because I'm sure you learn a lot about the city.  It didn't take long for the kids to get bored with all the unimportant (to them) history but they enjoyed quacking along.  Especially when Mr. Ponytail Mullet told us all to quack going by the golf course.  We quacked just as a gentleman was teeing off and we really did TEE HIM OFF!  Woops.  Soon we were splashing into Lake Austin, which was the kids' favorite part.  I however, wasn't impressed with the 2 minute jaunt around Lake Austin.  I quickly became envious of all the million dollar houses nestled into the natural limestone hillside and tanned bikini clad bodies on boats I can't afford.  What?  There wasn't anything else to look at but some dam and the back of a Mullet.  Like I said, it only lasted 2 minutes so this land and sea tour was a lot more land and not so much sea which didn't make for happy children.  On the way back to 6th Street we listen to some Stevie Ray and reflected on all the great history Austin has to offer wondered where we'd be eating lunch.  All in all the day was just ducky. 


A-Nik said...

LOL!! Did you think that you were back in da Burgh with the mullet n 'at??

Cooper said...

OMG, I've been on the one in Pittsburgh a few times: so much fun. I even got to drive the boat.

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