Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pain in the...

I woke up this morning not too eager to tackle the boxes.  I'm half tempted just to leave the boxes lying around and go through them as I need the stuff that is in them.  I mean we don't know anyone here so no one will be popping over to say hello.  So what's the point in making things pretty?  There is none I tell you. For instance, I have yet to locate the box with the utensils so tonight I ate my dinner with a tiny kid's fork.  (Sound familiar Lisa?)  Mine was stainless, George's was plastic and PINK!  At least he enjoyed a Shiner Light (try it!!).  But really this whole unloading of boxes thing is overrated.  It's all just a pain in the @$$.

Manipulating all the boxes has really been tough on my shoulder.  I know a lot of you probably don't know or understand the full extent of my injury so I thought I'd share.  I had a proximal humerus fracture (fancy way of saying a broken shoulder).  In addition to said broken shoulder I also fractured my radius (fancy way of saying broken wrist).  I had percutaneous (fancy word for through the skin) pins inserted to hold the bone in place while I healed.  Not moving my shoulder for those 7 weeks has left me with a frozen shoulder (fancy way of saying my shoulder doesn't move).  I'll demonstrate my best moves. 
As far up as I can lift my arm

As far up as I can lift it to the side

How my left arm should move

This is the worst of them all.. sooo tight
So as you can see I have very limited mobility.  I'm really not just a whiner.  Ok I am a whiner but you really shouldn't judge!  What I'm trying to say is that this shoulder is a real pain in the @$$. 

I did manage to take a shower after those pictures and pick Nicholas up from school.  We headed over to the pediatrician b/c he has had a cold for over 2 weeks and was complaining of ear pain.  Sure enough he has an ear infection. I wanted to take him to the Dr. with his first complaint LAST WEEK but someone who shall remain nameless (I'll give you a hint:  GEORGE) said I was overreacting and that we should wait.  So Nicholas had to suffer a week b/c his Dad is a.... wait for it...  pain in the @$$. 

On a happier note, Nicholas had a friend call him today for a playdate.  I am so happy for him.  I told him he had a playdate scheduled with his friend tomorrow and asked him if he was happy.  He said, "Yeah, he's like my BFF!"  I almost spit my Diet Coke out on the floor.  Where do kids come up with this stuff?  He's SEVEN not 17! 

I finished up my day with Physical Therapy and mediocre Chinese.  I was going to take a picture but decided going to get my camera was just a... well you get the point!


Clementine said...

I am so excited for Nicholas!! What a sweetie!! I didn't realize the shoulder situation was still so severe, that sucks :( XOXOOX

Cooper said...

I just wonder...where the BFF came from??? we all you???- Dedie

Angela said...

I am so excited for Nicholas!! What a sweetie!! I didn't realize the shoulder situation was still so severe, that sucks :( XOXOOX

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