Saturday, September 25, 2010

Veggie and Fruit Loot

Everyone slept in this morning until about 8:30.  I guess that night swim was a really good idea.  Guess what we'll be doing again tonight? 

Part Deux
Since I was up and moving the kids George begged me to make pumpkin pancakes.  If you've never made them they're really quite easy.  All I do is add about 1/4 of a can of pumpkin to a regular batch of pancakes and add pumpkin pie spice too.  I don't know how much.  I'm not much of a measuring type of girl (unless I don't know what I'm doing).  Oh wait, then I must be a measuring type of girl... one palmful then! 

They turned out great as usual.  If you like pumpkin this is definitely the way to go.  If you don't then you're just weird (Hi Maria). 

We had a soccer game and a hockey game today as per the usual Saturday routine.  I intended to go to a farmer's market in between games.  Psyched to come home with beautiful fruits and veggies to feed my family we headed over with $14 cash and hope and dreams.

Do you detect a single fruit or vegetable among these stands?  Ok well you can't really see so I'll tell you.  NO!  Since when does a farmer's market mean homemade jewelry and water filters?  I wanted honeycrisp apples damn it! 

Defeated I did what any good woman would do.  I ate!  We headed to Jason's Deli and when we pulled in I saw this little delight. 

Ok maybe it wasn't EXACTLY what I was looking for but it turned out to be pretty awesome.  I'd describe it as a mini whole foods.  Everything I bought today was grown at least in the US.  I bought as local as I could and I got it all for less than I took in to the non farmers farmers market. 

Doesn't it just look pretty?

Those grapes were $0.69 per pound.  The whole thing cost less than $2.  STHU!

What did I do with my loot?  I made veggie pizza.  Leave me alone.  They're my veggies and I can do with them what I like.  I'm not a rabbit, I'm an American and I like ranch.  There I said it!  Hey I'm still eating veggies! 

Ok there were chips and burgers too! Now judge! 

Truth be told it was all for George because I know he was missing his friends today all tailgating at Penn State.  Truth be told so was I!

Love you Laura.. I know you're watching over us!
I miss you friends!  All of you! 

Do you live close to friends and family or far away?  How do you deal with it if you live far away?


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We've lived away from our families for a very long can be tough but I talk to my mom and nana every single day, and lots of visits. Holidays are the toughest...this past Christmas was my first ever without my family (for obvious reasons- baby) but I lived. My friends here have become family and my BFF's family has adopted's not entirely the same, but it's still cookouts and birthday parties!

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