Saturday, October 2, 2010

All Aboard

Exciting things have happened since we've been together last.  For Jack's birthday we got him tickets to Day Out With Thomas through the Austin Steam Train Association in Burnet Texas and today was the big day. 

We've done excursions on the railroads before in Dennison, Ohio and near Lancaster, PA.  In fact, we've done Day Out With Thomas before when Nicholas was really "into" Thomas.  Did you know that Jack's middle name is Thomas, the name Nicholas gave him, due to Nicholas' love for the #1 blue steam engine?  Yep Jack is named after a train.  Anyway, we appreciate historic steam railroading.  The kids definitely enjoy it.  They still get the experience even if it is glossed over a little with the story of The Polar Express or Thomas the Tank Engine. 

I love spending these days with my kids.  The memories, the traditions we create, and their darling, happy faces make waking up at 6 am worth it.  (Ok I snoozed until 6:30 and opted out of a shower this morning--Busted.)

I came home and quickly booked my tickets for this year's Polar Express expedition.  We have had so much fun in the past, and the Austin Steam Association had passed the Susan Snooty Test (yes this is a real thing).  I've booked our tickets and we are so excited, once again, to go on the "Polar Express".  I highly recommend this ride for anyone with small children.  You will have a great experience and make memories for a lifetime.  Google Polar Express train ride in your area.  Do it! 

In other news-- Last night I decided to look for a 1/2 marathon that coincided with my training schedule for the Austin Marathon.  I came across the Austins Runners Club Decker Challenge being held on December 12th.  It fit perfectly into my training schedule so I signed up!  I'll be running this race just for fun and NOT running for time.  This is based on two reasons.  First, I don't think it would be smart to go all out on a 1/2 marathon during marathon training and second, um well it's HILLY and I'm skeered!  If you care to read a scary description of the hills click here.  Like I said, I'm not running for time so I guess it doesn't really matter.  

I'll be able to report back on both events on the same day because both the Polar Express ride and the Decker Challenge are being held December 12th.  I smell a nap in there somewhere.  Oh well, I'm all aboard for this crazy ride I call life!


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