Sunday, October 24, 2010

Behind the Scenes Rather than Behind the Handlebars

Today was a big day for George as he set out to do his first organized ride since my accident.  He did the Austin Livestrong Challenge, riding 65 miles through Austin Hill Country.  Unless you live under a rock then you know Livestrong helps to inspire and empower people affected by cancer.  I am sure everyone reading this can think of one or more people they know who have been affected by cancer.  This particular event, one event in one city across America, raised $2,000,000.  I think that is pretty remarkable.  I think it's nice that George was able to be a part of that today. 

Because George was doing the ride alone, the kids and I wanted to go to the end of the race and congratulate him.  Trust me it is no fun to train and train for something and cross the finish line feeling lonely. 

We started off our morning by making him a sign. 

Each kid "sent" him their own special message.

From Jack

From Ella

From Nicholas
Then we all dressed up in our livestrong colors and headed out to wait for him to finish.  It was another beautiful day here but the temperatures were creeping into the high 80s.  Luckily we found a little shade under a tree.

And a pole for climbing purposes. 

We were right by the finish line.  It was so inspiring seeing all the riders coming in.  There was a separate finishing "shoot" for cancer survivors and you wouldn't believe how many people were entering.  What an inspiration those people are.  Fighting and surviving cancer and now out riding to empower others.   

Before we knew it George was rounding the last corner.  He looked happy and was actually able to spot us in the crowd.  He said he saw our sign but I don't think he really did.  Oh well, it's the thought that counts. 

Of course with all my hooting and hollering he didn't hear the announcement and went down the survivors shoot.  Woops.  My fault. 

We ran to the end of the shoot where we got to really greet him and show him our sign.  It was a very sweet moment. 

I think he was happy to see us.  There were a LOT of tents with a mini Expo at the event.  George went to the food tent but the lines were so long he decided to just eat at home.  I was glad because I'm still not feeling so great.   Hopefully next year we can do this one together.  As much as I like being the cheerleader, I'd much rather be out there riding.  I'll admit I was a little envious of all the riders today.  I did, however, enjoy watching the kids cheer on their daddy and the big hugs that came at the end.  I think they're learning some pretty valuable lessons watching mommy and daddy participate in events like these. 

If you are interested in making a donation to help change the life of a cancer patient you can do so by clicking here


A-Nik said...

Awesome!! Way to go Georgie!! P.S. Susie - stay off of the bike! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Awesome event and awesome job Georgie = nice job supporting and greeting husband/Daddy! G

workout mommy said...

great job George! and i love the sign! You are definitely both setting a fantastic example for your kids! :)

workout mommy said...

great job George! and i love the sign! You are definitely both setting a fantastic example for your kids! :)

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