Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Climb

Sometimes the daily pressure of our lives leaves us feeling like doing anything extra is too daunting of a task.  You work, you go to school, you take care of your children, your loved ones, you walk the dog and pick up the poop.  Now you want me to do what?!?!  You want me to run a 5K or a marathon,  volunteer at school, do an extra project at work, or make a fabulous pumpkin swirl cheesecake? The thought of doing anything extra is overwhelming and beyond your reach.

You don't know where to start and you can't even find your footing.

In fact, sometimes you think you're fine just hanging out where you are.

But suddenly you realize you don't have to start at the top.  You can take baby steps and start small. 

Taking it slow and easy you'll reach the top.

In fact, you'll learn along the way that maybe you can set your sights a little higher if you just start out the same way, one step at a time.

And guess what?  You might smile along the way.

Before you know it you've surpassed your own expectations.  Making it further than you ever thought possible.

This Sir, is what I like to call victory and it is SWEET!!

Remember no feat is too small.  Everyone has a different challenge.  Not everyone can run a marathon and not everyone will Boston qualify *raises hand*  and even those that do started with the same baby steps.  Do whatever suits YOU and the reward will be just as sweet.


Anonymous said...

Very well said young lady! Triumph for all! G.

Tracey said...

So very true. Very well put.

george said...

This was your best post so far. Great job!

Anonymous said...

How very poetic, Fav.

Tracey said...

So very true. Very well put.

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