Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Feeling Sluggish

Have I mentioned previously that it is HARD to get back into shape after/while recovering from an injury? Most days I feel like a slug, a running slug, but a slug nonetheless.  Add in a kidney stone and almost another whole week off of training and I'm one step below a slug.  What would that be?  Nevermind, I'm not sure I want to know. 

One thing I do know is running slugs have to have cute running outfits.  Since last week I was down in the dumps and missing the Burgh, George offered to buy me a new running outfit.  I thought about saying no.  THOUGHT about it.  I'm glad I didn't.  I'm a bit of a brand name whore.  I try not to be, but I think I was born that way.  (I say that so you can't fault me!)  Anyway, I liked Under Armour at first because my nephew thought it was cool and he's pretty cool, so I knew it must be on the up and up. 

After I started wearing Under Armour for its cool status I really began to like it for it's quality and durability.  It is by far my favorite workout gear.  From bras to socks Under Armour rocks.  Sure it's expensive but you can find good pieces at TJ Maxx from time to time and I've snagged some good pieces on clearance at Dick's Sporting Goods.  Here's what I got George to pony up for.  Maybe I should have bad days more often.  (Note to self:  Auto focus.)  I think this is my official long run outfit while training for the Marathon.   

I'll admit, and this is happening more days than not, I wasn't feeling the workout this morning.  I forced myself to put on my RUNNING shoes so that when I got to the gym I'd be guilted onto the DREADmill.  I promised myself to NOT give it a lack luster performance but to push myself to be uncomfortable.  Do you know how hard it is to push YOURSELF to a place of discomfort?  Your body fights it, after all, our bodies are pretty smart.  They know what they don't want to do and they resist.  Damn you body!  Why do you never do what I want you to do?  Oh and while we're at it let's talk about that cellulite on my right thigh, where did you come up with that? 

Treadmill Run:

0:00 to 3:00 3.0 mph (I told you I wasn't feeling it)
3:00 to 6:00 5.0 mph more warming up
6:00 to 7:00 6.0 mph already feeling uncomfortable
7:00 to 8:00 5.0 mph
8:00 to 9:00  6.2 mph
9:00 to 10:00 5.0 mph
10:00 to 11:00 6.4 mph
11:00 to 12:00 5.0 mph
12:00 to 13:00 6.6 mph Ok I almost just died
13:00 to 14:00 5.0 mph
14:00 to 15:00 6.8 mph
15:00 to 16:00 5.0 mph
16:00 to 17:00 7.0 mph How do people maintain this pace?  I might quit!
17:00 to 18:00 5.0 mph Quitting at 18 minutes is a nice round number.
18:00 to 19:00 7.2 mph Ok really that was my max speed
19:00 to 20:00  5.0 mph I might be able to squeak out one more
21:00 to 22:00 7.4 mph One stinkin' minute never took so long
22:00 to 23:00 5.0 mph I.CAN.NOT.BREATH
24:00 TO 25:00 7.6 mph I can tell I'm running like Pheobe from friends.
25:00 to 26:00  5.0 mph Did my sweat just hit the girl next to me reading her kindle?  Really? 
27:00 to 28:00  7.8 mph  OMG do NOT let me pee my pants in the gym.
28:00 to 29:00 5.0 mph What's behind me in case I fall off this thing?  Oh a pole good that will feel nice.
29:00 to 30:00 8.0 mph Hell to the yeah!
30:00 to 33:00 3.0 mph cool down
Total Distance:  2.7 miles.  Yes after torturing myself I still only covered 2.7 miles in 33 minutes. 

I tried to take a picture of myself to show you how red my face was but all I got was this.  Have you ever tried to take a picture of yourself in the mirror?  It's a tad tricky.  Well, it is for me anyway but I'm one step below a slug so what do you expect?

To counteract any progress I made at the gym I ended the day with a beautiful pizza from Saccone's.

I got busted by the owner, Dan, taking pictures of Nicholas and his new BFF Owen. Aren't they adorable?

Dan asked if I was going to be putting them on Facebook and giving a shout out to Saccones.  (Nicholas rolled his eyes and muttered under his breath that they'd go on the blog, smart kid).  I'm reaching further than just little old Facebook and putting them on  I put that little link on there for you so you can add my website to your favorites.  Aren't I kind?  Do it!  Do it! That way you can be sure to read every day.  I mean who doesn't enjoy a little slugfest?


Tracey said...

Good for you getting on the treadmill- love the running outfit too!
That pizza is making me very hungry. I may have to visit Sir Pizza tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Another great blog! G.

Nusz9 said...

What do the people say in the Lifetime when you are taking pictures of yourself?

MomSwimBikeRun said...

Yes taking pictures of yourself at the gym is tricky. Luckily I was in the family lockeroom and it wasn't crowded. No one was in there with me. I did it quickly. I thought to myself, if anyone walks in how am I going to explain this!

A-Nik said...

LOL - Did you know he doesn't wear Under Armour anymore (or Armor All as some people call it - LMAO)? He's into all NIKE now. Brand Whore!!

A-Nik said...

PS - Should I be running intervals? Can I program my treadmill to do this or do I have to do it manually?

Nusz9 said...

What do the people say in the Lifetime when you are taking pictures of yourself?

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