Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Parade

I bet you're all wondering where all my workouts are.  Well, what can I say?  How do I put this?  Let's just say I've tried and the stent I have in place has made it um... uncomfortable (to say the least) to work out.  I tried to just take it nice and easy on the elliptical and I couldn't even do that.  I am so excited to being going to see the urologist tomorrow.  It's my understanding that he's going to remove the stent.  I might have to have a celebration.  Hopefully normal workouts will resume soon. 

I have made a pretty cool observation though.  Whenever I'm not working out I have no appetite.  Of course I get hungry and I eat but I don't feel the need to eat, eat, eat all the time.  I think my workouts really rev up my metabolism and therefore my appetite.  It never ceases to amaze me how smart our bodies are.  I'm not burning a lot of extra calories and my body knows I don't need to be eating them back. 

In other news, today was Ella and Jack's Halloween parade at school.  They both were really excited to get dressed up in their costumes.  Ella was Jessie and Jack was Woody (from Toy Story).  I can't even stand how cute they both were.  Wouldn't you know I didn't take one single picture of them together.  I guess I thought I'd have plenty of opportunity at the parade.  Don't worry the kids will be wearing their costumes several more times over the weekend. 

Out came Jack.  He was not having the parade at all.  I think he gets overwhelmed by crowds and people paying a lot of attention to him.  People that know him would NEVER say he is shy but the truth is he's painfully shy and does NOT thrive in new situations.

When he passed me I knew he wasn't "into" it but he walked by me and didn't reach out for me or ask to stay with me. 

The plan for the parade was to walk through the Parish offices and "trick or treat" and then back outside to where the parents were standing and back to their classroom.  By the time Jack came out of the building he was shrieking and his teacher was holding him.  THE ONLY KID IN THE PARADE CRYING AND IT WAS MINE! Ugh!  I just pulled him out of the parade and let him stay with me.  He was truly upset.  It wasn't just a whine, it was a full on cry.  I actually felt kind of bad because, for whatever reason, he was scared and uncomfortable. 

Then there was Ella. 

Ella was first in line for her class, first out the door and leading with a smile.  She ate it up the whole time.  I think her hat was bothering her or she'd be in full on hand on the hip mode for these pictures.  She's just happy go lucky, excited to be collecting her treats.  This child has not a care in the world.

Jack eventually cheered up and ate a cookie.  The love of food runs in the family.  There's nothing a little icing can't cure. 

The kids collected a lot of "loot" and sifted through every piece while we waited to pick up Nicholas.  Ella got a eyeball ring pop, Jack did not.  Jack got a slinky, Ella did not.  Ella had gummies, Jack had cookies.  I've never seen Ella be such a green eyed monster.


Tracey said...

So Megan and Owen!! They are so cute. Love the last picture of Ella.

Anonymous said...

Poor Jack! He IS only 3, you know! They looked really cute! G.

A-Nik said...

My poor Jack E. Bear. Thank goodness the parade ended with icing! It will be his last memory of the parade, so that will be good! They both looked so cute!!!

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