Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's Tradition

Tomorrow is the annual Pumpkin Patch trip.  I look forward to this so much every year.  It's absolutely one of my favorite things to do each year, one of my favorite traditions. 

When I was young we would go spend summers and Thanksgiving with my dad (my mother and father are divorced). 

My dad was so big on doing the same things every year.  Sure he mixed in new and different things every summer but there were certain things (Children's Museum, Boogie Mountain, Kings' Island, Pacer Games, Pretty Lights and more) that we did EVERY year.  He'd say, "It's Tradition".  All of those things were so special to me and even to this day we still have traditions.  Even if it's just getting White Castle within the first 24 hours of being in Indianapolis or having pizza at the Ordinary.  (If you live in Indianapolis you MUST eat pizza here.  Go all the way with everything on it). 

In fact, my dad usually goes to the pumpkin patch with The Tirch Clan every year  He'll be missed this year in Texas but he's already agreed to come to Austin in November to spend Thanksgiving with us.  It's tradition that we're together on that holiday (sorry Sara and Tim)!  

Here are some of our favorite holiday traditions:

Honestly, these are just a few of the things we do every year.  I hope my kids appreciate all the traditions as much as I do.  Most importantly, I hope we are creating happy memories for their childhood.  Like mine!

Come back tomorrow and read all about the pumpkin patch.  After all, shouldn't reading by now be tradition!!!


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