Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rhonda has NOT left the building

All sarcasm in this blog is typed in orange in order to avoid any confusion.  I know I confuse easily and you might too. 

I remember when I started this blog I had the grand vision of posting all my training schedules visualizing that everyone would be so excited to watch me train and then finally see me reach my goals.  Of course that was only part of my vision for the blog.  There is a reason it is MOM swim bike run and not swim bike run MOM.  Being a mother is, by far, my priority so I intended to have a lot of things about my children in the blog.  I hoped to show how you can be a mom and an "athlete".  I put that term in quotation marks because I never really consider myself and athlete.  My orthopedist kept referring to me as an athlete and I would just giggle every time he said it but I digress.  I wanted the blog to show, if you really want, you can find time for yourself; to do the things you love all while being a devoted, loving mother and maybe wife. 

I feel like with my injuries the blog has been less and less about my workouts.  I mean who really wants to read about my lame elliptical workout. Oh that's right you enjoy lame workouts!

Elliptical:  30 minutes 2.7 miles

What can I really tell you about it?  It was boring.  I listened to slacker radio because my iPod wasn't charged. 

Sidebar:  Slacker is awesome by the way and if you ever find yourself with an uncharged iPod and you have your cell phone then definitely try it.  Heck even if you do have your iPod and you're just sick of what you have downloaded try it.  As a matter of a fact go ahead and click that handy link and check it out just for kicks and giggles.  Have I lead you astray before? 

So yes, the elliptical.  I did it and I didn't move my arms like I was told.  It was an incredibly fulfilling workout and I'm soooooo glad I am not marathon training right now.  I mean who wants to be training toward their ultimate goals in life when they can be doing a ho hum workout on the elliptical while not moving their arms.  Don't be jealous.  It's not attractive. 

Although you might not be getting rigorous training plans, lots of follow through and then ultimately triumph, hopefully you are getting a few laughs, a little insight into the life of a busy mom and maybe a recipe or two.  I have enjoyed creating the blog and appreciate all my readers.  I already have FAR more readers than I ever imagined I would.  It really does make me happy, so thank you!

All that being said more drama ensues.  Guess where I was today?  Um yes you are right, the doctor.  This time the urologist to follow up about my stone (aka Rhonda).  I enjoy spending countless hours and money helping my doctors drive BMWs and buy vacation homes. 

Since everyone doesn't follow me on Facebook (and why not?) you might not know that I had another "attack" of kidney stones on Sunday.  I thought I had ANOTHER stone but as it turns out it's probably just Rhonda rearing her ugly head.  Rhonda likes my body and she doesn't want to leave.  The urologist told me that 10% of people with stones my size do not pass them on their own.  Oh it just figures I'm in that 10%.  So what does this mean for me?  Well for starters I have to have ANOTHER CT scan.  I'm going to be glowing from all the radiation I've had lately.  I think the glow is going to kick up my attractive level a notch or two no? 

Basically the CT is just to confirm that the stone is, in fact, still there.  Dr. Mistry seems to think that is the case and he was ok doing the surgery without the scan but we discussed it and ultimately decided on the scan. 

Because it has been over a month since my symptoms of Rhonda have started it is unlikely Rhonda will leave on her own accord. I will, therefore, have to have ANOTHER surgery on Thursday or Friday.  Oh goodie, I'm so looking foward to the fun. 

I swear to you, especially those that don't know me personally, up until June 27th 2010 I was an extremely healthy person.  I had no significant medical history other than a few miscarriages and the birth of my children.  I feel like a walking medical record and find it disturbing that I have my insurance ID number memorized.  I am so sick of the doctor scene.

I pray this is the end of the bad health news.  I keep telling myself I have nowhere to go but up. I really am trying to keep a strong, positive attitude toward life.  I know this time in my life is just a blip on the radar and I'll look back and say, remember when, and laugh.  The joy in my life is never ending (and that is NOT in orange on purpose).


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what to say here...


Anonymous said...

Oh my - this is a test - so far you are passing it. Keep your spirits up and believe "everything happens for a reason". :0(


Anonymous said...

It sucks getting old!

Anonymous said...

It sucks getting old!

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