Monday, October 11, 2010

Sweet Berry Farm

First things first.  Where have I been?  For those of you that aren't friends with me on Facebook, then you probably sat around all last evening waiting for my post but to no avail. *wink wink*  I apologize and I can explain.  I spent 6 HOURS, yes you read that correctly, 6 HOURS in the ER to find out that I have a kidney stone.  I actually contemplated yesterday that I was one of those ladies going to the hospital and didn't know she was pregnant.  Of course I knew that wasn't true but the pain was THAT bad.  Thankfully, I must have worked through the worst part as the pain is so much better.  I still have to pass the stone and quite frankly I wish it would hurry up.  I promised my nurse that I would name my stone after her.  So, hurry up Rhonda!!!

Secondly, I'd like to say that I write this blog as much for myself as I do for everyone that reads it (thank you).  I hope that one day I will look back at my blog and have a beautiful collection of memories.  My point is, you might see more pictures of my kids than you like and I'm ok with that.  This blog is only intended to be an account of my daily life as I am on the journey of motherhood while squeezing in fitness where I can.  I hope you enjoy my daily posts even if it is just about my lovely, beautiful, talented, smart, crazy kids. 

Ok so on with the good stuff.  Yesterday was the annual pumpkin patch trip to have a little fall fun and pick out our pumpkins.  We made our way to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls, about 45 minutes west of where we live.  I knew from the website that it was going to be a great place but I never expected to see a sea of cars and such a large crowd of people.  George estimated there were about 5000 people there.  It was INSANE. 

I was determined not to let the crowd get me down.  We were there to have a good time and there was plenty of acreage and plenty to do.  The first thing we came upon was this beautiful flower garden.  I'm disappointed in how the pictures turned out because the photos just don't quite do it justice.  I think the garden would make a fantastic backdrop for a professional photo shoot.  Until then you'll have to settle for some amateur photos by yours truly.  (Picture count 45)

Next we made our way through the underground tunnel over to the main activity area.  HOLY people, lines and picture opportunities.  I just can't resist capturing every opportunity either. 

We stopped and took some pictures in the faux hay bales.  At this point my kids are already getting bored with my photo ops and just want to get to the action.  I let them take some pictures of their own to ease their pain.  (Picture count 74)

Of course if you wanted to participate in ANYTHING you had to have a ticket and the lines were long and in the blazing sun.  I told the kids, and myself, that if we made it through the wait for the tickets we'd be on to having fun in no time.  We probably waited 20 minutes but all in all it really wasn't that bad. 

Ticket in hand we headed over to Stuff A Scarecrow.  Basically you pay $15 plus an extra $3.50 for a hat your children are INSISTING is required.  You then stuff hay into old dirty clothes recently purchased from the goodwill.  Lovely!  Jack, Ella and I tired of this chore pretty quickly.  We stuck it out for all of the stuffing but Daddy and Nicholas stapled ole Boo (the name the kids gave him) together.  He was a little camera shy but don't worry he'll make an appearance later.  (Picture count 141)

During ticket purchase the teenager behind the counter talked me into buying pellets to feed the animals.  It's always against my better judgment but the food was four containers for a dollar so who was I to say no?  This must be the only food these animals get because they practically attacked us to get our pellets.   I didn't realize until I was reviewing this pictures that their little ears are tagged.  I hope they're treated properly and loved! (Picture count 152)

 I half expected the kids to be afraid but each one went right up to the fence and let them eat from the cup. 

I love the look on Jack's face in this picture.  He's really taking it all in.  I bet his little brain is going a mile a minute trying to compute what exactly is going on. 

More photo opportunities in the pumpkin area.  I was really disappointed that we didn't get to actually pick our pumpkins out of a field, as that is what we have become accustomed to.  I guess it really only mattered to me because the kids had just as much fun picking them from the piles.  (Picture count 222)

We picked our pumpkins in a matter of 5 to 10 minutes and it cost us 3 times as much as it would have if we went to Walmart but I'm pretty sure we were paying for the amount of fun we had.  It was worth it!  The only thing left on the agenda was the hayride and the kids couldn't wait.  Jack is infatuated with the tractor, of course, so all the rest of this palaver was getting highly irritating.  I was afraid we were about to be put on meltdown status. 

The hayride was a lot of fun and by far the favorite activity of the day.  At this point we had been at the farm for almost 3 hours and we were all ready to get something to eat so we decided to forgo picking any of the beautiful flowers and headed home.  (Picture count 257 whew)

If each picture is worth 1000 words, this post should have been a lot longer.  I'm just happy to have had the fun and captured the memories along the way. 


Angela said...

THe pictures are fab. I can't pic a fave, but the one of you and Ella is particularly good. You look beautiful and love the blog. Keep 'em coming!!!

Anonymous said...

Great pics. Even tho' you could tell it was hot and crowded, it seemed like everyone had fun. The pumpkins however, see to be bigger in PA!! I guess not "everything" is bigger in Texas!!

Love it. G.

Tracey said...

Wonderful pictures. Looks like you had a good time. I love the pictures the kids took!

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