Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I like to think I wear many hats.  I'm a mother, a wife, a runner, a room mom, a sister, a daughter, a friend... well you get the picture.  One of the hats I'd really like to wear is that of photographer.  As you can see, I take a LOT of pictures and I enjoy it.  I'd love to actually take a class some day so I actually KNOW what I'm doing. 

Despite my love for photography, I'm not particularly good at it.  I am, however, certain that I'm better than most of the cranky employees at Picture People and the like.  I always overpay for really bad shots of my kids.  No one ever looks good and I get frustrated and M.E.A.N.  Now if you're a mother then you know what I'm talking about.  You dress your kids up, iron their clothes, fix their hair just so and then wind up with this.

Actually, I love this picture but you get my point.  Nothing ever quite turns out as perfectly as you had planned. 

In the midst of everything that was going on this summer I FORGOT to have my kids' birthday pictures taken.  I always have their pictures taken in the beginning of September to mark their birthday milestones.  What kind of mother am I?  I mean I didn't have anything else going on in life in the beginning of September.

I was determined to make up for it and set out to have my own photo shoot with the kids.  I bribed them with the hopes of a $5 gift the next time we go to Walmart.  Cooperating meant smiling and looking at the camera.  Such a simple task... one would think.

I can't believe my preemie (born at 35 weeks and who spent the first 17 days of his life in the hospital) is 7 years old.  It seems like just yesterday he taught me how to be a mother.  How to truly love so unconditionally that it hurts. 

Nicholas is a people pleaser.  He always strives to do his best.  He follows the rules and makes every effort for excellence.  Some days I fear that I put too much pressure on him to be perfect but in my eyes he already is.  I feel a certain responsibility to protect him because he is such a tender heart.  He sees only the good things in life and in everyone around him.

Five years ago one of my lifelong dreams came true, I became the mother of a precious baby girl WITH BLUE EYES.  I don't know why but I so desperately wanted a blue eyed baby to carry on our family's blue eyed tradition (I know Amy, blue eyes are over rated).  God did not disappointment with all the beauty that is Ella.

Ella is a beautiful girl on the outside but it's her inner self that makes her shine.  She is truly a kind soul.  She is a happy, sensitive little girl who is always smiling and melting my heart.  She's a little bit of a princess and a lot a bit of a fashionista but she comes by it honestly.  She's a natural leader and finds a way to make me so proud every day. 

Three years ago I begged and pleaded for this little guy.  I so desperately wanted another baby because I felt like I had so much love to give.  I feel like Jack was a gift and one I would never return or exchange for anything.  To know Jack is to love him.

Jack has a personality that shines through.  He seems to take control of a room wherever he is.  Everyone notices Jack and I don't think it's by accident.  He definitely is the baby of the family and has every one of us right in his pocket.  Even in his most devilish hour he's an affectionate spirit.  He might withhold kisses if he doesn't feel like giving them out but when he does they are delightful kisses from his soft, plump lips. 

My children, my loves, my heart, my soul. 

They are my pride and joy and there is no other hat, than mother, that I'd rather wear.


A-Nik said...

Awesome!!! Great pics! And yes, blue eyes are over-rated! Baaahahahahaha!

Tracey said...

You are such a wonderful mom. This post made me cry. Great pictures- your kids are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Aww. How sweet. I love that pic of the three of them - and Jack is smiling soooo big! Maybe you should go work at Picture People?

Anonymous said...

Talk about about a big heart - that is you too! They are precious gifts!!!! You are truly am I! xoxo G.

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