Saturday, November 27, 2010

Eating Our Way Through Austin

The adventures with "PaPa Dan" continue.  I'm not sure my waistline can take much more.  We've been eating our way through Austin taking my Dad to our favorite places and some new places too.  We didn't eat a solitary meal at home today.  YIKES.

We started off at Round Rock Donuts.  If and when you visit you WILL go to Round Rock Donuts.  This is THE BEST donut you've ever eaten.  I don't care who you are.  Dad Rating:  A+ (These pics are from our first trip this summer.)

After our first round of eating we headed downtown to The Austin Children's Museum.  

There were some cool things to do and we got right to it. 

We even milked and kissed a cow. 

There was even a bat cave with a bar so you could test your ability to hang like a bat.  None of the kids could do it, so I had to show them how.

I don't embarrass easily. 
To be honest, I felt like the Children's Museum was kind of lame.  Despite the kids having a REALLY good time, it did not live up to MY expectations.  Of course I compare everything to the Indianapolis Children's Museum (one of the top rated children's museums in the country) so I knew I wouldn't be overly impressed.  Dad Rating:  D-  Kid Rating:  A+ (and that's all that matters).

With all the activity we worked up an appetite (of course).  We decided to hit up Fran's Hamburgers.

Fran's was featured on an episode of Man vs. Food so we thought we were in for a really big treat.  The atmosphere was great but the food was just ok.  It reminded me of Sonic, so it was good but nothing special by any means.  Dad Rating:  C-

After all our eating we took a pit stop at home for naps.  All that eating is exhausting.  In the early evening, after naps, we contemplated turkey sammies for dinner but decided instead to press on.  My dad had never been to Ikea so I wanted to take him just because I think it's a cool place.  Plus it was a good excuse for me to do some shopping.  You know it's a good shopping day at Ikea when you wind up in the "trunk".

Wouldn't you know that there is an Austin's favorite Mexican place right near Ikea called Chuy's.  Wouldn't you know!  Even though Chuy's gets rave reviews I think it is just ok.   Dad Rating:  B  

At this point, I'm barely recognizable as a human.  I'm just an eatin' machine.  Don't worry, 7 miles on tap tomorrow (and lots more good eats).   


Anonymous said...

Lots of eating - lots of fun! xoxo G.

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