Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Going to See a Man About a Horse

A child that is susceptible to bribes star is born!  Jack did it!  He performed in his Thanksgiving program and he did it with a smile.  Actually a HUGE smile.  In fact, when his smile would start to fade and he'd make eye contact with me he'd remember and smile even bigger. 

He did sing his songs and do the hand movements but he wasn't overly enthusiastic except for that smile.  I know he actually knew the words and movements better than he let show but it is a little intimidating to have 100 or so parents and grandparents staring back at you.  

As soon as the program was over he proudly announced, "I did it!  Now I go to Walmart for my toy?"  Like I said, if it took bribing him to get him to perform then, as far as I'm concerned, it was worth it.  To see his smile made my heart ache.  There was one point during the beginning where I actually started to well up with tears. 

Aside from one of his sleeves being pushed up and one down (you know that just drove me crazy), he was perfect.  I couldn't have asked for anything more.  So, so, so proud of my baby boy!

I wasn't the only one who was proud, his teachers were so proud of my little usual pickle puss too.  Ms. Jessica said she'd like to see him that happy EVERY day.  Ms. Rosie is his favorite and I could tell she was proud of my little man.  I hope he holds a special place in her heart because she holds a special place in his.

Way to go Jack Thomas!  You've reached the sacred place of preschool stardom.  Your journey, my little pilgrim, is complete (until the Christmas pageant). 

On another note, I got wind today on Facebook that the Budweiser Clydesdales would be at Cedar Park Center (home of the Dallas Stars farm hockey team The Texas Stars). 

I immediately wanted to go.  Sure I had a lot on my plate this evening but I have never seen the Clydesdales and neither have the kids.  Opportunities like this don't come along every day so I thought I'd seize the opportunity.  I mean it took me 36 years to see them.  Nicholas pointed out that today was a "first" for both of us. 

We should photoshop in George

My pictures do NOT do these animals justice.  They were so incredibly big.  If you look closely you can see that Ella and Jack could have walked right under them.

This is Ella's dance clothes, I don't dress her like this ususally

The kids really did like the horses but I think I was the one more impressed by the whole thing.  To me, these horses are a part of American tradition.  Yeah, sure, so what that it's for beer.  It's still pretty damn cool and I'm so glad we went.

Jack's favorite part was the dog.  His favorite stuffed animal (Spotty, bought by Granny) is a Dalmatian and he kept screaming at the top of his longs, "Spotty is here, Spotty!!!!"  I would have loved to have a picture with Spotty.  Wasn't happening. 

It cost me $10 to park at the stadium but it was worth it for the experience.  As a matter of a fact, I was explaining to the kids that when occasions such as this present themselves you just have to take the opportunity and "do it".  That's when I heard a crunch and realized I had taken the opportunity to back into a car behind me.

This is going to be one expensive trip to see a horse!


Anonymous said...

Good Lord what did you do to the other car?..anything?

I cried at little Jack.....I am so sad I couldn't be there.....so proud of him...he really IS happy all the time, he is just serious and doesn't show it.......he ALWAYS smiles when he is with ME!!! Love your tricky titles too!

What an awesome outing to see the Clydesdales!(sp) You HAD to go. Love the Spotty part!

Thanks for the Blog - it is super! Chin up - things will get better! xoxoxo G.

Angela said...

LOVE THIS ONE!! The Clydesdales are beautiful, I'm glad you got to see them. Loooove Jack's huge smile, I would have cried if I were you!!

Anonymous said...

OK my husband thinks I'm ridiculous because I always cry at Simon's performances. Hmpf. I'm normal after all! Jack looked awesome. Oh, and the sleeve thing...we always have an issue like that too!
How cool you got to go see the Budweiser Clydesdales! I would have cried there too! haha
I would have also cried if I were you and backed that damn vehicle into someone else's car!!!


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