Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's All a Big Sham

Sometimes on MomSwimBikeRun I like to tackle tough topics.  Ok well maybe I only did that one other time but I wanted to try again tonight.  I was watching a "taped" (yeah I was born in the 70s so I still say taped) Oprah today featuring her interview with Portia De Rossi (now Portia DeGeneres). 

On the show Portia (we're on a first name basis) admitted to starving herself, allowing herself just 300 calories per day.  She chewed 60 calories worth of gum and then immediately started running around a parking garage in platform heels to burn those same 60 calories.  At 5'6" she weighed just 82 lbs at her lowest weight.

Portia's story was very interesting and something I think almost every woman can relate to.  EVERY woman I am close with, without exception, can absolutely relate to Portia's story.  Sure Portia's story is extreme but her story is a tale about the self loathing she had for herself and her body.  I know not one woman in my life who is 100% satisfied with her body.  We all pick ourselves apart, finding a way to find fault in our not perfect bodies. We're all looking for the perfect, yet air brushed bodies, that we see on magazine covers. 

It is a sad but true reality.  Beautiful women like Faith Hill and Britney Spears aren't good enough for our magazine covers.  People like Beyonce are considered curvy.

Let's face it, Hollywood saying curvy is just a nice way of saying fat.  Seriously?  Beyonce is being put down for being a healthy weight.  Even Jillian Michaels admits that her normal healthy weight is 125 pounds but her TV weight is 115 pounds in order to look good on TV. 

This woman LOSES weight to look good on TV?  I'm sorry, WHAT????? The sad thing is Jillian is supposed to be the picture of HEALTH and fitness yet she admits she goes below her normal and healthy weight in order to uphold the ideal Hollywood "thin" image.  Would it be so terrible if the woman looked 135 on TV? 

Raising a daughter, I try not to talk about body image in a negative way (or at all really) in front of her.  I don't talk about fat or thin.  We talk a lot about being healthy and the importance of exercise.  I try to lead by example.  I honestly enjoy taking my children to the gym with me because I think they see it as a part of a normal routine.  As far as my children know everyone exercises and I don't think there is anything wrong with that. 

Please don't misunderstand, I am by no means perfect.  There are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many trips through the drive-thru in this family and I definitely don't lead by example when it comes to food. 

Food is honestly my daily struggle.  I did come to grips with food only a short time ago; I finally figured something out.  "Dieting" and food restrictions do NOT work for me.  I have counted calories and even starved myself (eating 800 calories a day) while working out vigorously just to lose weight.  I finally came to a food realization.  Portia said it on Oprah and I realized she and I had something EXACTLY in common. That is, in order to overcome the battle with food, I can not restrict myself.  Basically, I allow myself to eat what I want, when I want.  Once I allowed myself to do just that, my body started to figure out what it wanted and what it needed and I tend to not over do it.  (I keep telling you our bodies are smart.)   

Again, I can't really offer any solutions to this serious problem.  I can only bring the subject to light and ask you if you're an active participant in basing your own self worth on what is basically a Hollywood sham. 


Anonymous said...

nice blog susan :)

Anonymous said...

nice blog susan :)

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