Thursday, November 18, 2010

Read it and Weep

This week has been so crazy busy.  I've had so many extra things to do for Thanksgiving parties, programs and lunches that I didn't get to go to Physical Therapy until today.  That means one whole week without any stretching (by the professional that is).  My physical therapist... hmmm well she's mean and rotten and she tortures me.  Picture big and burly with man hands throwing my shoulder back stretching beyond what should be humanly possible. I hate her.  Doesn't she just look mean?

Ok fine she's really maybe my height but weighs about 30 lbs less (told you I hate her).  Actually, she's adorable and totally sweet but the torturing part is true.  Of course that is her job.  If I were her I'd hate me.  I'm a pain in the ass, I know this just generally from life, and I'm sure it carries over into physical therapy too.  I try to be a good patient but it's so hard to do everything I need to do.  I thought that today was going to be a really bad day since I hadn't seen her in a week but it turned out ok.  Today she gave me some really good stretches to try and I think they're going to take me further. (Shout out to Kelly if you're reading.  Sorry I stole your picture from your blog.)

Since soccer is over we have no obligations on Thursdays.  Having 2 days in a row where there are no "required" after school activities just makes me feel more relaxed.  However, feeling like there is nothing I HAVE to do usually leads to me thinking up something for us to do.  Like um I don't know... going on a nature walk and collecting "fall things". 

Nicholas asked what we were going to do on our nature walk.  I told him we were going to collect things from nature like leaves and acorns.  He said, "I know, we are going to do a craft."  I just had to laugh.  He knows me too well.  The vision was to collect our things and then make a fall collage. 

The weather was gorgeous. As usual there was nary a cloud in the sky and it was almost 70 degrees.  I will NEVER get sick of this kind of weather.  I'm convinced this weather is why people live in Texas.  Anyway, walking around in the cool air warmed by the sun was exactly what I needed today to decompress (that and a Diet Dew). 

The kids had fun time collecting all their leaves.  They would yell, "Oh look at this pretty one" and "We don't have this one yet."  There was only one "sticking" incident and no crying.  It was a successful venture.

With our items in hand we headed back home to make our collage.  Being the type A that I am, I wanted to control the situation but I let them do what they wanted.  Of course when Jack drew blue marker all over my hand turkey I cringed as I bit my tongue.  It was hardly a masterpiece but it was my masterpiece and now it had a blue face.  Hmph!

To be honest, I love watching their creative juices flowing even if Jack had ruined my work of genius.  I'm trying to help the kids think outside the box.  You know, so some day they can be the one who invented Silly Bands or Crocs and be multi gazillionaires.  We've got a long way to go.

Speaking of a long way to go, there was a run today!  It really wasn't that long but my body was NOT into it.  My breathing felt steady and not labored and I felt like I had more to give but my ankles were killing me.  I have Achilles tendonitis and during the beginning of runs it tends to hurt until my ankles loosen up.  Today was worse than most days.  My ankles finally loosened up but my legs still felt like lead.  Nevertheless, it felt fabulous to be out there running.  For the first time in awhile I found myself thinking and clearing my mind rather than being focused on running itself.  I love the feeling of getting lost in my own mind during a run.  It makes time go by soooooooo much faster.  Right now you're wishing you had done the same while reading this blog.  I know and I apologize.  What can I say... read it and weep. 

Mile 1:  11:37
Mile 2:  11:05
Mile 3:  10:44
Mile 4:  11:20
Total:  44:48
Average:  11:12


Anonymous said...

While I'm not wishing I had run, I am wishing I could have gone on a nature walk. hmpf!
(I walked though! So there.)

Cara said...

I am laughing because we made painted hand turkeys today. I used mine to show them where the eyes, feet (?), etc. should go and I turned my back and Luke was scribbling on mine with his crayon! We just can't have anything nice, can we? Ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Boy that craft gene has really blossomed! xoxo G.

A-Nik said...

LOL - so all those years that you refused to participate in crafts with Mom, Sara and me were just years pent up in frustration!! Hahahahaha!

K cubed said...

Since I am not at work I can tell you that if you were really a pain in the ass I would give you to a different therapist. I am totally jealous of the nature walk. I always say I want to do that but never quite make it.

K cubed said...

Since I am not at work I can tell you that if you were really a pain in the ass I would give you to a different therapist. I am totally jealous of the nature walk. I always say I want to do that but never quite make it.

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