Monday, November 1, 2010

Show Me the Dough

Are you catching up from the weekend?  Don't miss all the Tirch fun filled Halloween activities.

Halloween Parade
Happy Fall Y'all
Spooktacular Halloween Carnival
Frightful Run on this Bootiful Halloweeen

I bet you're all wondering how I'm feeling after yesterday's frightful 7 miles.  Truth be told I don't feel as bad as I thought I would.  My quads are definitely sore and I have blisters but overall I feel good.  Mostly my spirits are lifted and I think that is what REALLY matters.  George said that he thinks I should run EVERY day because apparently I am a lot more nice when I'm running.  Who knew?  A running Susan is a happy Susan. 

I'll take any opportunity to post that picture because it's not often you get a good picture during race day and I really love this one because I look so HAPPY! I also like to put it up because my cousin Erin says it's her favorite picture and it's an inspiration. 

Today the training plan called for cross training.  I headed to the gym planning to do the elipitcal but when I got there I decided I really should do the spin bike.  I mean why not?  I'm able to tolerate it now.  I just keep forgetting I can do it.  I did 30 minutes of intervals.  Running sprints, hills, seated sprint, seated climb etc.  It felt good. 

While I was on the spin bike I was directly behind all these crazy women on stair climbers.

I am convinced this is really a torture device.  EVERY SINGLE one of those girls were sweating buckets.  I promised myself today I would try it at least once.  I avoided them at my gym in Pittsburgh because there were only two and it seemed like the really hard core girls used them.  At lifetime there are about 15 and almost all of them were taken.  Next cross train day?  Well maybe not the best workout for recovering legs but hold me to it at some point!!!

I've now fullfilled my bike portion of the blog.  On to the mom portion. 

I signed up at the beginning of the year to donate Playdough for Ella's (and Jack's class).  I was told you would have to buy a four pack of playdough and donate it.  My month is November.  Well, last week I was reminded to bring my playdough and it should be BROWN.  Um hello where does one get brown playdough except in a 96 count multipack that costs $26 and you get .5 onces? 

I'm just that cool and I learned how to make my own.  Thank you Google!  I don't know how I lived through 29 36 years and three kids and never knew you could make your own playdough until now.  I've been under a rock apparenlty.

Kool-Aid Playdough


1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
1 cup water
1 package Kool-Aid unsweetened (of your color choice).  To make brown use Crystal Light Iced Tea
1 T oil


  • Bring water, oil and Kool-Aid (Crystal Light) to a boil (ok that picture isn't boiling oops)

  • Add Salt and flour
  • Mix thoroughly
  • Cool and enjoy
Here is my finished product.  Pretty close to the orignal (center) and I only spent about $2 on Crystal Light.  Would have been about $0.13 if I was making a normal Kool-Aid color. 

I wish I would have done this with the kids because they really would have loved it.  I was in a hurry and made it during homework time.  i.e. Nicholas is in the office and Ella and Jack are "locked" in the bedroom watching a movie.   Definitely a rainy day activity except it never rains here in Texas.


Anonymous said...

Does it smell like iced tea?

BTW - STAY AWAY FROM THE STAIR CLIMBER!!! They are bad for you.


Anonymous said...

Yeah that stair climber is a killer ahahahahahahahahahaha xoxo g.

Angela said...

That stair climber will make you sweat in places you didn't think you could. TRUST. So glad you got on the bike, I was thinking tonight in class how much I wish you lived her so we could go to class together ;( Also because I want someone to laugh at the cheesy instructor with. Think backwards baseball cap, lots of fist bumping and pumping, singing along to the lyrics to all the late 80s, early 90s music he plays, a word...AWESOME.

Oh and don't fib, you love that picture because you are firing your guns!!! LOL


Anonymous said...

Does it smell like iced tea?

BTW - STAY AWAY FROM THE STAIR CLIMBER!!! They are bad for you.


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