Sunday, November 14, 2010

Snot a Bad Run

Running isn't exactly a glamorous sport.  Often times there is blood, sweat, and other bodily fluids.  I mean in what other sport do your nipples bleed?  Thank God that hasn't happened to me!  I've run in all kinds of weather.  I've run in rain.

I've run in snow and -4 degrees.

Never once, in any of these conditions, have I felt compelled to blow snot from my nose.  That is until today.  58 degrees and overcast and I had to do the old hold one nostril and blow.   Do I look like a girl that blows snot from her nostril?

Yep well, my name is Susan Tirch and I blow snot from my nostrils when I run.  I've decided that makes me really gross but particularly badass.  Either that or I'm slowly becoming a man.  You decide.

During a 9 mile run you have a LOT of time to think.  So I got to thinking.  I wonder what a similar run looked like while training for my 1st and 2nd half marathon. 

Snotty 9 Mile Run:          10/4/2009            4/3/2010
Mile 1:  10:47                     10:17                   10:13
Mile 2:  11:19                     10:40                   10:09
Mile 3:  10:55                     10:42                   10:22
Mile 4:  10:54                     10:53                   10:36
Mile 5:  10:58                     10:30                   10:23
Mile 6:  10:34                     10:28                   10:16
Mile 7:  10:47                     10:40                   10:39
Mile 8:  10:30                     10:39                   11:15
Mile 9: 10:29                      10:43                   11:18
Total: 1:37                          1:35                     1:35
Average: 10:48                 10:37                  10:37

First, this run was my BEST run since I've been injured.  My average pace on my long run last week was 11:34 and today it was 10:48.  The temperature today wasn't much different than last week but it was completely overcast.  NOT having the sun beating down on me helped tremendously. 

Second, here I've been so hard on myself because it seemed I'm so far from my former self.  The October 4th run and April 3rd run resulted in 2:17 and 2:09 half marathons, respectively.  If I come anywhere close to those times in December I will be ecstatic and from my training, it looks like I can.

As a REALLY GOOD friend told me,  "It doesn't matter how fast you run- you are out there doing it!"  I think I need to learn to relax and celebrate each run as they come.  As a matter of a fact, I think I will. 


nusz9 said...

Great Job Susan! That good friebnd of you is right! A runner is a runner no matter what the speed.

Anonymous said...

Nice job - you need to relax and celebrate EVERYTHING - look how high up your arm is!!! CELEBRATE THAT!!! XOXO G. P.S. We don't need to know about the snot type things.............

Tracey said...

The snot thing is kind of gross. The only other person I know who does that is Nate. I do spit, though, so I can't criticize. Great run. Wish I could've run it with you. I haven't done he Hutchman loop since you left- too sad. Keep it up!

nusz9 said...

Great Job Susan! That good friebnd of you is right! A runner is a runner no matter what the speed.

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