Sunday, November 28, 2010

Susan vs. Food

It's been quite the exciting holiday visiting with PaPa Dan.  In case you missed any of our shenanigans.  Check them out.

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My family likes watching Man vs. Food and a lot of other shows on the travel channel.  Adam Richman, the star of the show, is a food fanatic on a journey to find the BIGGEST and BEST eats our nation has to offer.  He has been to several establishments in Austin.  Even before we ever thought of moving to Texas, some of the places Adam had been to seemed like places you had to try.  Today we hit up TWO Man vs Food establishments. 

First up, Juan in a Million. The neighborhood was a little lot sketchy.  As a matter of a fact, there were bars on the windows of every establishment.  NOT a place I'd like to see after dark.  In the light of day, it was actually fun to see some very cool and very authentic Mexican establishments. 

Juan in a Million is home of the Don Juan Breakfast taco.  "DON JUAN" - El Taco Grande A secret combination of potato, egg, bacon and cheese in a deliciously hot tortilla.  

This thing is huge and I was hard pressed to finish half (and we all know I can eat).  The current record holder ate NINE!  Man (Adam Richman) ate 4.  George ate 1 and a halfish.  Amazing breakfast that held me all the way through dinner.  Definitely "Juan" in a Million.  Dad rating:  A

Next stop on our adventures was at Lake Travis.  Lake Travis is a reservoir on the Colorado River.  It is a site that has to be seen.  There are beautiful house lining the lake all nestled in the hillside and intertwined along a winding road.  To me it looks more like the French Riviera than Austin, Texas. 

Basically, as my mother would say, we couldn't afford a toothpick here. 

We still enjoyed the sites and imagining what the homes would look like on the inside and of course admired their spectacular views.  Until we move up a little in the world our views will be from the boat launch.  Even still, they were impressive.

We had fun kicking up our heels on the rocks. 

We stopped at home to rest for awhile and eventually the guilt of all the over indulgence set in.  I knew I had to go for my scheduled 7 miler.  I really don't know what's wrong with me, and I've been trying to do some soul searching to figure out why, I just don't feel like getting in my runs.  I know running always make me feel better once it is done but getting out the door lately has been HARD.  I made myself get out there (ok once again George guilted me into it).  I told myself if I ran hard then I could stop at 6.5 miles.  Why 6.5? Because I can run an out and back route on a nice stretch of sidewalk without having to cross a busy road and run awhile in the grass and rock. 

In order to get in my "speedy" run I new I needed to start off hard and fast.  For whatever reason it is so hard once I start at a slow steady pace to pick it up.  And so I began. 

Mile 1:  9:46 SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mile 2:  10:16
Mile 3:  10:06
Mile 4:  10:35
Mile 5:  9:55
Mile 6:   10:12
Mile 6.5:  5:02 (10:04 pace)
Total:  1:05
Average:  10:08

Three words:  I'll take it!

I came home and qucikly showered and we set out for our next Man vs. Food destination.  This establishment was rated the #1 place to eat on Travel Channels top 100 restaurants.  NUMBER ONE!  Salt Lick BBQ was AH-MAZ-ING. 

Pulling up at Salt Lick I really felt like I was in Texas.  For this Pittsburgh girl, it was a new and charming experience.  The atmosphere alone was enough to draw you back but I'm pretty sure it's the food that packs the parking lots.

The anticipation as we waited was killing me.  I couldn't wait to get inside and see the BBQ pit for myself.  Again, this isn't something I'd ever see in Pittsburgh. 

The only way to describe this food is mind blowing!  This food melted in your mouth.  If this doesn't get you to Texas then I don't know what will.  Dad Rating:  A+ 

This was most definitely a ONE in a million kind of day. 


Anonymous said...

Wow - what a day! Awesome xoxoxo G.

Tyly said...

I really want to try Salt Lick. When we're in Austin, I ALWAYS want Pappasito's!!! YUM!

I've never been to RoundRock Donuts! Is it better than Shipley's? Shipley's is pretty darn amazing!

Anonymous said...

Wow - what a day! Awesome xoxoxo G.

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