Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Too Much Information

With me there is no such things as TMI (too much information).  I like to share.   For instance, my mother was appalled by my Snot a Bad Run Post.  Somethings I guess she just doesn't want to know about.  Well if you're that type of person, stop reading!

I had a grand plan to tell you all about my day but I just finished drinking 2 bottles of Magnesium Citrate and I'm "making a run for it" every couple of minutes.  It makes it kind of hard to blog.  Here is the abridged version. 

You see, last Friday I went to the urologist to follow up about my kidney stones.  I still have a stone in my left kidney and the doctor would like to take a less invasive approach than last time and blast the stone.  In order to do so the stone has to be visible on X-Ray.  In order to have the best shot at that I have to do the bowel prep.  Let's just say it is NOT FUN!

What was fun today was Torchy's Tacos.

I had the green chile pork taco and it was heavenly. 

Seriously, everyone should enjoy this one time. Best taco I have ever eaten.  The queso was fabulous too.  I can't describe it other than to say it made me want to keep eating until it was gone and then lick the bowl.  Ella felt the same way.  (She still loves Moe's more though). 

Dad Rating:  A  (best rating thus far)

Gotta RUN! 


Timothy Diersing said...

he's holding out the a+ rating for the roadside, outdoor, breakfast taco joint!

Anonymous said...

He's holding out the A+ for Thanksgiving a la Susan T!

Anonymous said...

He's holding out the A+ for Thanksgiving a la Susan T!

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