Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

I'm back to the land of the Internet.  I feel like I should update you on the going ons of the past fews days but that would be tedious for me and boring for you.  So let's pretend like my 2 day sabbatical never happened.  K? 

Tomorrow I will be getting my hair done for the first time in over 4 months.  My hair has been mostly short during my adult life and up until just over a year ago it was also blonde.  I never thought I could give up the blonde locks but I actually like myself MUCH better as a brunette.  God knew what he was doing. 

First day as a brunette since I was 14 years old
I really thought I'd miss being a blonde, and in the beginning I really did, but who says blondes have more fun?  I'm still having a good ole time. 

What I've realized by looking back at my pictures is that I haven't had much variety in the past 2 years with my hair.  I've either had no bangs.

Or I've had bangs. 

I really haven't had much variety.  I've growing my hair for about 6 months now and I'm getting the itch to cut it off.  This is the longest my hair has been since I got married 9 years ago. 

I just feel like it's a little boring and plain.  First of all my color is dull and needs done badly but I'd like to have a little fun with it.  The all one length thing isn't really my style.  So I find myself thinking about bangs again.  Not bangs like straight across but bangs that can lie across my forehead to the side.

Like this only longer
Mariska Hargitay has always been my go-to girl for hairstyles since I've gone brunette and I keep coming back to this picture.

I love the color and the cut but I do think I want to keep it longer so I'm going to see if I can incorporate this cut into something longer. 

I can't believe that I just dedicated a whole entire blog post to my hair!!!  I guess YOU are probably not surprised.  I promise my shoulder is starting to feel a little better and I'll be getting back into the fitness swing of things again soon.  It is almost January 1st after all.  I've got to get my fitness goals in line.  I may have a few races up my sleeve. 

See you tomorrow, with new hair.  You know, I'll get bangs! 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Small Town, USA

We arrived in Clarence, George's home town today.  The population in Clarence is about 400 people (if they're lucky).  The only thing to do here is hunt, fish and gossip wildly.  I don't even have a real connection to the Internet.  I can't upload pictures or anything.  Blogging is NOT going to be good the next few days.

I'm so frustrated I've given up on my original post with pictures and all. 

Since there isn't much to do in Clarence I might venture out on a run tomorrow.  I'm not particularly enthused about the cold and my shoulder is still pretty painful so I don't know how it will go.  I am really eager to get back to exercising and feeling better about myself.  I still haven't given up on my marathon so I need to get back to training ASAP.  Wish me luck!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Shop 'til You Drop or Leave the House at 10 pm

As of this morning my bag had still not shown up.  I'll be wearing the same clothes again today.  I feel like a little old lady wearing the same outfit over and over again without it being washed and not in a good way.

Today was the day of shopping.  I had to do all the Christmas shopping for George's family as we are leaving tomorrow to see them.  They live in a small town just outside of State College, Pennsylvania, about 2.5 hours away from Pittsburgh.  I know I procrastinate a lot, but that was not the case this time.  I just couldn't see buying all the presents in Texas and trying to ship or transport them to Pennsylvania.  It has been my plan all along to spend the day shopping.

Who doesn't love shopping though.  Just "the girls" went-- Ella, my sister Amy, my niece Abbey and myself. 

My Beautiful Sister Amy (AKA MiMi)

We started off with lunch at, none other than, MOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you know me at all, you know I have Moe's love.  Actually it's really just Moe's queso love and it is a love I've passed down to my daughter.

Ella and my gorg niece Abbey

After we were fueled, we headed to the mall.  The mall was INSANE.  It was so busy and hot I wanted to poke my eyeballs out with an ice pick.  Yes that bad.  Yes I love to shop but he crowds were a tad overwhelming and I wasn't feeling it.  I did manage to find some nice things for George's family so I am excited about that. 

We shopped until almost dinner time.  I dropped the kids at my mom's house and headed out to dinner with my sister and her family.  That might sound a tad rude but my mom was really excited to hang out with the kids.... wait, I think!  Right mom? 

We wound up at Bucca di Beppo with my family.  I don't know why but it always seems to be my go to suggestion when eating out with big groups of people.  I love the food and atmosphere and you can make a reservation. 

I'll admit it felt kind of odd to be out amongst all adults.  I didn't have to make 12 bathroom stops, wipe anyone's face, order milk or referee any bickering.  It was all just good fun with family and I really enjoyed it.

My bag finally came so I promise I'll wear a different outfit tomorrow

George, brother in law Brian and nephew Andrew
After dinner we came back to my sister's house for an intense game of "Who am I?".  Someone picks a person for you to be and tapes the name of that person on your forehead for everyone else to see.  You, however, do not know who the "character" is.  You then get to ask yes or no questions about your person until you can guess who it is.  Good times!

I thought the night was over as we were all pretty much in our "jammies" but it's now 10:15 pm and my niece just left to go hang out with her friends.  She and I did pretty much the exact same thing all day and I can barely form sentences and she's just leaving to go hang out.  It's hell to get old, maybe I'll just give in and wear this outfit again tomorrow. 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Back Home Again

Oh holiday traveling how I love thee.  My day started waaaaaay too early, at 5:30 am, after being up well past midnight.  I just can't get comfortable sleeping since my surgery.  Anyway, for those of you that don't know we headed out to Pittsburgh today (my home town) to visit family for the holiday.

Austin was a balmy 26 degrees this morning, the coldest it has been since we moved four months ago.  Seeing as it was cold in Texas, the transition to the 20 degree weather in Pittsburgh was not quite as bad. 

When we arrived at the Austin airport the lines were ridiculous.  I decided I would park the car and leave George with 3 kids and 8 bags to check (including car seats).  I think I got the better end of the bargain. 

There is way too much information rattling around in my head these days to remember minute details.  Even though I thought I would remember where I parked in the long-term lot, I figured I should take a picture to remind myself.  After all, if the car couldn't be found I'd be the only one to blame.

After waiting in the long lines in Austin we made it to the gate around 8:10 for our 8:25 flight.  We pushed backed pretty much right on schedule.  There are NO direct flights to anywhere (it seems) from Austin.  We were flying the 39 minutes to Houston where we would make our connection to Pittsburgh.  It seemed liked we reached cruising altitude just to begin our descent.  At least we arrived at IAH (Houston) unscathed.


As easy as the first flight was, it was the rest of the day that scared me.  We had a three hour layover in Houston and then a three hour flight to Pittsburgh. Think how cranky you get when you're traveling, hungry and tired.  Now imagine being three, five and seven.  I didn't have high hopes. 

We took our time in Houston having breakfast and stood to the side on the moving walkway.  Even though the layover was a little long, the leisurely pace was welcomed.

We hung out in the terminal waving to the captain in the airplane.  He wrote a note and held it up to windshield saying hello.  Nicholas thought that was so cool.  Do all kids just think pilots are the coolest?  Mine do.   We played, goofed around and took many potty breaks.  After three hours, we were all ready to board the plane to our final destination. 

The plane ride was smooth sailing.  Jack fell asleep resting his head on George's lap.  Ella got cozy with her neck pillow and $6 satellite TV watching the Titanic and Nicholas was an angel. 

We arrived safely in Pittsburgh shortly after 5:00 pm only to find out my bag decided to stay back in Houston.  So much has gone wrong lately I've come to just accept it.   I don't even care that I have nothing to wear.  I might run to Target in my borrowed pajamas tomorrow for some new apparel.  Apparently pajamas are acceptable as I saw many people flying in them today.  In fact, maybe I don't need to buy anything at all. 

It's now 1:00 am and I've been up for almost 20 hours but I'm about to snuggle safely in my bed at my sister's house.  All the traveling was worth it to see my mom and my sister and other family members.  It's so nice to come home and know that someone left the light on for ya. 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone

Think about how much thought, time and energy goes into Christmas.  When did you start planning for Christmas?  December 26th last year?  August?  November?  You spend so much time planning and half the time you're not quite sure come December 26th someone is not standing in a return line with the gift you've purchased for them.  Oh well, it's the thought that counts right?

I spent almost the entire month of December consumed with all things Christmas, but even before December I was buying gifts and mentally preparing.  Despite spending 30 plus days planning, all the fun was over in just 16 minutes.  That's right!  From the time the kids walked into the living room until the time the last gift was opened 16 minutes had passed.  Those 16 minutes, however, were pure fun and excitement; the kind only a child can experience. 

Nicholas was the first one in, beyond excited to see what Santa had brought. 

Jack looked overwhelmed, as if he hadn't remembered what Christmas morning was from past years.  Don't get me wrong he has been excited for Christmas morning for a VERY long time, but I'm still not sure he knew quite what to expect.

Trust me it took him no time at all to get right to it.  He was not timid at all.  He dug right in opening gift after gift without pause.

Nicholas took things more slowly and started with his stocking.  He tired quickly of body wash and pajama pants and moved on to the bigger gifts.  I had strategically placed his "number one" gift in the back in hopes that he would open it last.  There is a disadvantage to having a bright child; he picked that sucker right up and opened it first. 

Ella, God love her, she knew I was snapping pictures and stopped and posed for every one.  I hoped to catch her in her natural state, but for most pictures she'd stop what she was doing, smile form ear to ear, and then move on.

She too was able to pick out the package of her "favorite" gift and opened it almost right away.  (So much for my strategic planning)  Even though she knew what was inside, she just couldn't believe her moment to receive "her dream" had arrived. 

It doesn't matter to me that the whole thing ended in 16 minutes because the fun lasted all day.  For once we had nowhere to be, no one to see, no obligations or schedules.  The kids played non stop ALL DAY LONG and honestly I don't remember a day where I've seen them happier.  That's one gift I won't be returning and I've got all the thoughts that count too.

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Anticipation

Christmas Eve is all about the anticipation.  Everything about Christmas Eve is in preparation for the big day; a dry run. 

You eat, well you eat because the body needs fuel to open gifts. 

You dress up, but not quite in your  Christmas best.

You open a few presents bought by relatives.

You leave food out for the reindeer.

You leave out cookies and milk and say your final prayer that he will come.

You don't even realize it was never an option; he was coming all along.

Merry Christmas Eve!