Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hurts So Good

Just to prove that I do not sit around all day and eat cookies I thought I'd let you in on a little of my rehabilitation.  Ok ok, truth be told my PT will occasionally stop by the blog so I wanted her to know what a good girl I am.  Hi Kelly!  Sometimes I wonder if she thinks I'm a good student.  Occasionally, I admit, I am not but mostly I think I am. 

First, a few things you should know before you move forward reading this post.  A)  Don't mind the mess that is my apartment.  We are 5 people piled into a SMALL apartment.  Nothing has a "home" and things fall where they may.  Don't judge, or do but just don't comment about it!  Also, you know the old saying "somethings gotta give" well housework is my something.  B) I showered today but it was at 7 am  C) George needs a photography lesson.  D) I wear elf hats  E) I do own clothes other than workout clothes I just choose not to make myself uncomfortable wear them.

Ok back to the regularly scheduled blog.  I'm supposed to do something to stretch my arm every hour, spending 1 to 2 minutes an hour.  This might sound like it's easy but in the hustle and bustle of everyday life fitting it in isn't really that easy.  I mean I don't walk around with my pulley and broomstick Swiffer.


I used to do this for 5 minutes but have been doing three minutes this way and then 3 minutes doing external pulley stretches too. 

Bad form.... elbow is supposed to be in to side.  DARN!

Pole Stretches:

Not the kind George would be hoping for.  You are supposed to use a broomstick but who owns a broom in this day and age.  I use a Swiffer. 

Yes this hurts so good
 External Pole Stretches:

This movement is so darn tight and stubborn.  I'm ready to just give up on it and realize I'll have to give up left handed ping pong.  It's a sacrifice I know. 

The kind of pole stretches George is really looking for:

Wait what?  How'd that get in there?  Seriously though, this is what happens when you give George the camera. 

Wall Slides and Corner Streches (not pictured b/c George was apparently distracted; must have been previewing above picture):

Wall slides are just like it sounds, stretcing your arm up as high as it will go, sliding your hands down and then back up.  To do corner stretches you stand in the corner (Jack asked why I was in the naughty corner) and rest your palms and elbows on the wall and then press forward.  It's a nice stretch for the chest I think. 

The Flexinator:

Using this device you are supposed to move the "arm" out to a position where you think you can hold the stretch for 10 minutes.  When I first started using this machine the rotation was barely past where my right arm is in the picture.  So I guess I have come a long way.  Anyway, you hold the stretch for 10 minutes, rest 10 minutes and repeat.  I'm supposed to do that THREE TIMES A DAY.  Um yeah, with everything else, not happening.  I do try to use it once a day. 

So there you have it!  That is what I do in my spare time. And you thought I just ate cookies.  Shame on you, I do chocolate covered cherries too.


Anonymous said...

Brings back memories of my PT. I used a golf club instead of a swiffer. Ha! Just remember - they kept telling me 18 long has it been for you?


Anonymous said...

Tough tough tough - you are doing great! Jack it the funniest boy! Well you WERE in the naughty corner!!! xoxo G.

K cubed said...

OK laughing so loud that Kevin had to come see what I was reading and then he read it too. Good stuff. Nice work and of course I think you are a good student or I would give you to the other girls :)

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