Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Tired Legs Gave to Me, 12 Miles Running

I have been waiting for a LOOOOOOOOONG time to say this....  I had a glorious 12 mile run.  It wasn't glorious because it was fast (it wasn't) but because I enjoyed every single step I took.  I really believe that so much of running has to do with mental attitude.  I woke up this morning and although I wasn't eager to go out and run 12 miles, I was ready and not dreading it like I have been lately. 

If you glance quickly you might actually see a runner in that picture.  (BTW I'm sucking my stomach in for this picture because it was flopping over my water belt.  What can I say; I like to give full disclosure.)

I wanted to take this run nice and slow, pacing myself, to see if I had it in me to run 12 miles.  The longest I've run since my accident is 9.74 miles and that run wasn't pretty.  I wanted to feel confident in my ability to run 12 miles today so I know I can run my 1/2 marathon next weekend.  I haven't been a runner that long and have only run 12 miles 4 times in my life.  I think part of knowing you can run a race is being confident in your training.  Today I gained confidence.  I've got this half! 

Picture courtesy of my water crew GNEJ water supply

Mile 1:  10:24
Mile 2:  11:03
Mile 3:   10:55
Mile 4:   10:37
Mile 5:   10:55
Mile 6:   10:56
Mile 7:   10:45
Mile 8:   10:48
Mile 9:   10:39
Mile 10:  10:40
Mile 11:  10:34
Mile 12: 10:06
Total: 2:08:28
Average: 10:43

As for my half marathon, I am running Decker Challenge Half Marathon next Sunday.  The course description on the website uses the words hilly and challenging.  I'm scared but if I learned anything from today it is that having a positive mental attitude can make all the difference.  I'm not looking to set any personal records.  I'm just looking to prove to myself that I am able to "race" again and to score a nice tech T.  I will honestly be proud of any finishing time as long as I cross the finish line and do it with a smile. 


Anonymous said...

You just amaze me with all you do and YES a lot of life is mental attitude! xoxo G.

Tyly said...

Way to go!!! Attitude has a whole lot to do with it, and I'm so glad you had a great experience!!

Lindsay and James Cotter said...

great run. It was a beautiful day to do so. Decker is just around the corner and you are so ready!

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