Monday, December 13, 2010

North Pole or Bust

There is so much going on today I don't know where to begin.  Let's get right to it shall we?  First up how am I feeling after the 1/2 marathon?  Thanks for asking!  I feel pretty good actually.  My hamstrings definitely hurt, but I know that is from doing all the hills.  I wanted to go to the gym today to do the elliptical to help keep my legs moving and feeling loose because doing so usually helps.  I wound up doing the stair master (for the first time ever) for 55 minutes.  What can I say?  A friend talked me into it because that is what she was doing and I didn't feel like working out alone.  Girl talk for the win!  So the hammies are still tight but such is life. 

Tomorrow I won't be working out at all as tomorrow is surgery day.  I'm not sure whether to celebrate or cry.  I am happy to have the surgery to have my scar tissue removed and gain some mobility, but I'm not sure I'm excited for the recovery.  Therefore, tonight is operation wrapping night.  I will wrap EVERY SINGLE gift for the kids since I don't know how much use of my arm I will have after tomorrow.  Let's face it, George's wrapping ain't the best! 

I think you'll all be so proud of me.  Remember when I declared everything I "needed" to do to create The Perfect Christmas?  I have managed to cross almost everything off my list and I still have 2 weeks left.  I think I'm going to get it all in!  Yay me!  One of the things on our list was to ride the Polar Express.  Only in Texas it's known as the North Pole Flyer.  Last night we took our ride with the Austin Steam Train Association.  This was the 3rd annual ride and one I hope we can continue.




You know the Tirch family could not go without a snafu right?  We walked right up to the train and I turned on my camera for the first photo and found a dead battery.  Thank God for cell phones cameras and universal chargers (that I always keep in the car).  They let us charge our battery in the concession car and I used my cell phone in the meantime to take pictures.  So here it is; enjoy our evening in pictures. 

Even though this is our third time riding the train to the North Pole and it's getting a little old for George and I, the magic is still there for the kids.  Nicholas was convinced that he'd FINALLY met the real Santa because his beard was real and "not a wig".  I love watching their innocent faces and the twinkle in their eyes.  You can only experience Christmas as a "believer" for so long.  It is easy to get transported back to that magical time through my children.  I hope this is a tradition we can carry on for MANY years to come.


Anonymous said...

Great, great traditions. Looks like they loved it again! xoxo G.

Anonymous said...

Great, great traditions. Looks like they loved it again! xoxo G.

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