Monday, January 24, 2011

Committed and Dedicated

Today I got a text from George asking me what training plan I use for the marathon (Hal Higdon BTW).  Apparently someone at work was asking.  She ended the conversation by letting him know she thought I was crazy.  Maybe I am?  Naaaaaaaaaaah. 


The reason I know I’m not crazy?  ANYONE can run!  Even a marathon.  Ok ok ALMOST anyone.  Some people may have physical limitations that wouldn’t allow them to complete a marathon but I’m talking about any normal every day person. 

What is the key to running you ask?  Commitment and dedication.  That is ALL it takes.  Ok well that and a nice pair of running shoes and hopefully some clothes that don’t cause chaffing. 

Take my sister Amy for instance.  At the beginning of last year she set out to do the Couch-to-5K running program.  Having never been a runner, she had a tough time meeting the early running requirements.  But, she stuck to it— she committed and her dedication paid off.  On March 27th my sister rocked her first 5K!  She went from doing NO RUNNING at all to running 3.1 miles. 


Then there is my friend Dedie.  Both Dedie’s son, Cooper and her husband Tim are runners.  I nagged incessantly gently encouraged Dedie to get out there and run with her husband and son.   Somehow I convinced a non runner to sign up for the 1/2 marathon.  Couch to 13.1 commenced. Dedie had done a few 5ks in the past but never trained or considered herself a runner.  She went from almost NO RUNNING at all to running 13.1 miles in just 16 weeks. 


I’m proud of my sister and my friend.  They both set a goal, stuck to their training program and DID IT.  It’s not rocket science.  I am telling you ANYONE can do it.  I’m not taking away from those of us that do run by saying anyone can do it, I’m merely pointing out it’s not as impossible as you think.  We’re not crazy, we’re just committed and dedicated. 

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beachgooloo said...

AMEN!!!! Well, most days I agree.. Love that pic BTW... the last pic! :)

Anonymous said...

Look at you - inspiring people left and right! Yea YOU!!!


Aimee said...

Love the post! So true!

Anonymous said...

Wow - I think it's true! xoxoxo G.

Tracey said...

I feel the same way. Especially after watching The Biggest Loser. If people who were close to 500 lbs and have knee problems and still have weight to lose can do it, I think anyone who sets their mind to it can accomplish their goals (except, like you said, those with physical limitations). Great post!

Shannon said...

Great post - we all start somewhere and most of us start by thinking we'll never make it to the finish line!

Ron said...


as a previous runner turned couch potato turned half-marathoner I can attest to that statement!

Running is 5% physical, and 95% mental. You tell yourself you can do it, and you run through the pain.

Trish said...

I second Ron's amen. I have never been a runner. I love playing sports but always hated running. I signed up to a do a 5k in February (in Pittsburgh am I crazy?!) with some friends and started a couch to 5k program (these podcasts are great by the way- I'm happy to say that I'm up to running 28 minutes straight. I have a week and a half left in the program. It hasn't been easy and I struggle almost everytime I run but I keep with it. My goal is the Great Race (10k) in the fall. I admire your dedication to that marathon, especially through the bike accident. You can be my inspiration to keep going!

Sara V. said...

You make me feel guilty... Guess I need to buy some running shoes this weekend!

Alexis said...

I think that anyone can do it with a little motivation!

Aimee said...

Love the post! So true!

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