Sunday, January 30, 2011

I was a Mudder Fluffer

Today was another day for me to be a spectator and not a participant.  I can’t say that I wasn’t a little jealous (again) that I wasn’t able to run this race.  Today George did a Tough Mudder endurance event.  I honestly think they should have to come up with a new term rather than endurance event.   Maybe torture event or you-will-be-in-pain event. 

In case you haven’t heard of it, Tough Mudder is a 10 mile run interrupted by 19 challenging, use every ounce of your strength, obstacles. 

course map

There was no way as a spectator to capture every event but I did my best to document the day. 


Wait what?  How’d that get in there? 

No seriously, I did cheer on George at every obstacle I could physically get to.  It all started with jumping into an ice pit. Yes they are literally dumping bags of ice into a pit full of mud.  How’s that for a start?

iceice startice jump

ice finish

Yep I’d say that looks cold.  Everyone and I mean EVERYONE said that is was beyond what you can imagine as cold.  Apparently everything in your body just wants to “seize up”.  I was thankful for them (and for me) that today was a 70 degree day.  I couldn’t imagine this in 30 degrees.  YIKES!

The amount of running alone was pretty intimidating but just to push your limits even further there were hills and A LOT of them.  I felt bad just looking at them.  It was seriously brutal.


Don’t like hills?  Try your hand at a 15 foot drop into more freezing water.  Ok they didn’t actually add ice cubes to this one but the water was still “freaking freezing”. 

jump jump readyjump1jump3

George said this swim was brutal but it was the first and no one knew exactly what to expect.  One thing I knew for sure, if they were to survive any more swimming they would HAVE to put their faces in the water.  Swimming with your face out of the water just expends way too much energy.  I think they learned their lesson. 

My favorite obstacle was the motocross slope (ok truth be told my favorite was the shock wires. I could have watched that all day… more on that later).  This thing was STEEP and it was slippery.  Coming down looked like a whole lot of fun. 


After this obstacle George seemed to be in really good spirits and I think I started to really relax and stop “worrying” about him.  He actually looked like he was having fun. 

gpt thumbs up

The mud and muck continued far beyond what I was able to see or get to.  We would wait and every time George and his group rounded the corners we were there cheering them on. 

balancegpt intensehead


Just when the “boys” were looking a little weary there was another swim.  I prayed George would just suck it up and put his face into the muddy, stinky, freezing water and get the swim over with.  He did!


By mile 10 there were only 5 or 6 more obstacles and I knew he would make it.  I settled in to my spot in front of the shock wires and laughed at cheered for all the crazy people almost to the finish line. 


This was a pretty awesome experience as a spectator and an amazing accomplishment as a participant.  This was not an event for the timid or weak but if you make it to the end there is BEER!


I’m really proud of George’s strength and determination to finish this event.  Way to go you Tough Mudder!

gpt sdt finish


Angie F. said...

AMAZING!! I've been waiting all day for this recap. WAY TO GO GEORGE!!!!

Wanna Be a Skinnie Minnie! said...

WOW! I have seen races like this before, but not with shock wires! Go George!!!... hope you had yourself a beer at the end because you deserved it!!!

Unknown said...

soooooo awesome and soooo jealous!!!! way to go george looks like it was hell and fun! congrats on the accomplishment!!

A-Nik said...

WOW!!! You people are truly nuts!! BTW...Andrew wants to know if there is one around here. I said, No honey..only in Texas. ; )

Ron said...

soooooo awesome and soooo jealous!!!! way to go george looks like it was hell and fun! congrats on the accomplishment!!

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