Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Keep Moving

Today I was on a mission to run 5 “speedy” miles.  I feel like I am SLOWLY creeping back to my pre-accident self.  I wanted to see if I had it in me to run five sub-10 minute miles.  My track record hasn’t been good lately but I really felt like today I had it in me. 

The weather was FINALLY beautiful.  I haven’t seen weather like this on one of my runs since before the new year.  Not that we haven’t had nice days (they just weren’t my running outside days).   The wind was blowing but it was sunny and warmish.


When I started off my ankles were so tight.  I even contemplated whether I was experiencing some sort of injury.  Soon the pain in my ankles gave way to the pain everywhere else.  I was struggling to maintain a sub 10:00 pace.  Any time I would look down and notice my pace creeping up I would make myself run faster.  I would keep moving. 

I pushed all the pain in my body to the back of my mind.  I was going to make this happen.   I knew my stats for the first 4 miles and knew if I was going to achieve my sub 50:00 “dream” I was going to have to push the last mile.  Everything on my body and in my mind told me to slow down.  I was running on sheer will but I kept moving.  And I did it!!!  I ran a sub-50 minute 5 miler (with 8 seconds to spare).


  • Mile 1: 10:01
  • Mile 2: 9:55
  • Mile 3: 10:06
  • Mile 4: 10:00
  • Mile 5: 9:49

Total:  49:52:16

Average:  9:58 SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The last time I even came close to running this “fast” for this long was during this run in November.  I’m glad to be returning a little to my former self and hope no more disasters of 2010 repeat in 2011 so I can keep on moving and keep on improving. 

I realize I’m not breaking any land speed records here but I’m improving FOR ME.  I’m setting goals for myself and I’m meeting them. I’m celebrating and enjoying each small victory but the progress isn’t over yet.  I’m going to keep on moving my feet. 

Decker Challenge 2010 021


Lindsay and James Cotter said...

today was beautiful, wasn't it?! Glad you had a great run!

Ron said...

keep telling yourself you can do it, keep pushing, you'll get back. One foot in front of the other...(just sometimes faster than you want to!)

Ron said...

susan, blog idea for you, can you review your garmin watch? I have been thinking about getting a gps linked watch.

Aimee said...

Great job on your run today! I'm jealous of your weather.

Anonymous said...

Amazing me once again!! xoxoxo G.

Tracey said...

You are awesome!

the hoppe pad said...

Wow! Great run!

Tracey said...

You are awesome!

Aimee said...

Great job on your run today! I'm jealous of your weather.

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