Friday, February 11, 2011


Today 26,940 pounds of “stuff” was moved into our new home.  That doesn’t even include all the stuff at our apartment.  Hmmm… Someone (ME) has a shopping problem.

I was so excited to see the trucks (yes that’s plural) pull up.  I think I squealed like a little school girl. 




Yes, you counted correctly there are THREE trucks FULL of stuff.  I’m almost embarrassed for myself.  Especially when the movers unloaded the High School Musical boogie board.  Clearly it was imperative for that to make the 1200 mile trip. 

I blame such things on the fact that I was pretty much bedridden for the two months leading up to the move and I was unable to “purge”.  Otherwise, we would totally have been at 26,840 pounds.  The head mover kept saying, “ALL this because of one little bike.”  Woopsie! 

Once the “boys” started unloading, it quickly became apparent that someone (again ME) needed to take charge.  I enlisted myself as the foreman.  Obviously, I was the most qualified.


Apparently 6 months pregnant???

The truth is, EVERY SINGLE item that come through the door has a tag (that was put on when we left Pittsburgh).  Each tag has to be marked off and accounted for on a sheet.  So as the men were unloading they would yell out, “Yellow 254” and I would mark of Yellow 254.

If a box/item is unaccounted for then there is a master list showing that green 181 was a box of toys from the basement.  I wish a few of those had gotten lost.  Alas none of them did and I checked in over 500 items/boxes.  

Right now I have hampers in my kitchen, a couch in the middle of the living room, cardboard “rugs” and more boxes than I can comprehend unloading.  But hey, I’ve got at least 18 months til we’re even allowed to contemplate packing all up and doing it again! Winking smile





How much do you think your stuff would weigh if you moved EVERYTHING you owned? 


A-Nik said...

Brian says there is no way your stuff weighed that much!! That's over 10 tons of SHIT!!!! Hahahahahahahahaha! He also says that if you would've liquidated in Pittsburgh into cash and took the whole $350, you could have fit that in your pocket. Isn't he funny?

Anonymous said...

More pics of the house please - get busy. hahahahah xoxoxox G.

Tracey said...

Three trucks! That is crazy! I love seeing the bike- I am going to miss that pink bike (and you!) beside me come spring. Good luck getting unpacked!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you guys to finally be on to the next phase of life!

Now get busy unpacking so I can come visit!!!!!


Unknown said...

LOVE the bike! Wow, you may move back in 18months? Not liking the sound of that..

Anonymous said...

Such a cute bike!

Unknown said...

sweeeet bike! i bet our stuff would weigh about 16000 pounds...because we don't have kids have tons of fun stuff!

Ron said...

sweeeet bike! i bet our stuff would weigh about 16000 pounds...because we don't have kids have tons of fun stuff!

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