Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back, Shoulders, Running Toes

I can’t believe in less than 24 hours we’ll be back to living in a “real home”.  I hate to seem so ungrateful but I’m just sick of our apartment.  It’s too small for a family of 5 and I’m sick of only having “the essentials”.  I want my stuff back (Read:  my KING size bed). 


I think Ella and Jack are all better.  Jack has been fever free all day and Ella has a low grade fever this morning but has been better ever since.  I’m glad to see their smiling little faces again.

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I had a little trouble getting motivated to workout today.  Being out of my normal routine of taking the kids to school and heading right out to the gym is not good for my workouts.  I wind up putting it off and putting it off.  I’ve gotten good at sitting around in my running clothes watching TV.


I finally managed to get in my workout at the apartment gym.  My mileage is really low for the next two weeks which is good since I am going to be so busy with the house.  I honestly don’t know if I will get all my miles in.  I’m just going to concentrate on doing what I can, when I can and not worry about the rest.

Today’s Run: 3.1 Miles 30:00 minutes


I wish I had a picture of the end result but I accidently pulled the emergency stop at around 24:35.  I will tell you, I ran my butt off during this run.  I was determined to do a 5K in 30:00 or less.  This is harder than it looks when you “warm up” at 3.5 for 2 minutes while you get situated.  I did it though, without a second to spare.  HAPPY SUSAN.

Sidebar:  I love posting self portraits because it makes George giggle at me.  Yes I take copious pictures of myself for the blog world.  Where would you be without a picture of me a day?  Don’t answer that.


I also did a brief back/shoulder workout.  Today I realized I don't know how to do any back exercises with free weights (dumbbells). So yeah, I did one back exercise.

Lat Pulls: 36 pounds 15 reps 4 sets
Shoulder Press: 38 pounds 15 reps 3 sets
                           48 pounds 15 reps 1 set
Shoulder Front Lateral Raise: 5 lbs 15 reps 4 sets
Shoulder Side Lateral Raise: 5 lbs 15 reps 4 sets
Wall Pushups: 10 reps 3 sets


Next time you see me, I’ll be a homeowner again.  I hope I make as many great memories in our new house as we did in the old one.  In some ways, it will always be home. *tear*



Anonymous said...

Nice you got your workout in - AND you can make a HOME anywhere - house is just a house - a HOME is quite another thing - so enjoy your new HOME and realize how lucky you are! xoxoxo G.

A-Nik said...

So excited for you all to finally have some SPACE!!! Good luck tomorrow, praying there are no snafus!

A-Nik said...

So excited for you all to finally have some SPACE!!! Good luck tomorrow, praying there are no snafus!

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