Thursday, February 10, 2011

Buried in Boxes

I might be unloading  boxes for days. I’m beyond excited about our new house though.  Eek!  I do, however, wish I could wiggle my nose and make everything go in its place. 

You know where I’ll be if you need me.  If I’m not back within 24 hours someone send the authorities. 


Anonymous said...

HOME!!! xoxoxoxo G.

A-Nik said...

OMG - Ella's face is priceless! I'm thinking Jack probably weighs more than Ella!! Hahahaha! Did you sleep at the new house on the floor??? Keep giving us updates! Now you can get a D-O-G!!!

Unknown said...

Welcome Home Tirchs!

Ron said...

Welcome Home Tirchs!

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