Monday, February 21, 2011

Feeling the Pain

Did I really just run a marathon yesterday?  I can guarantee I did because I FEEL it today for sure!  Pretty much everything on my body hurts.  My feet hurt, my quads, my ribs, my back, MY SHOULDER… yep I could go on.

I figure running a marathon is like having a baby.  You can’t even think about a second one until the pain from the first subsides.  Still, the pain is worth what you get in the end! 


Actually it’s not the medal, it’s the pride accomplishing something pretty awesome.  Eventually I will forget the pain and eventually I will do another. 

Today, however, I am a waste.  I tried to put some things in the house together.  I tried to be an active member of society, but instead I sat around like a blob nursing my belly issues. 

I did manage to get one thing done. 

Before Outdoor Patio:




I’m being careful not to overdo it.  Clearly I should take 6 weeks to recoup right?  What?  That’s what you get when you have a baby.  Fine running shall commence again this weekend. 


Tracey said...

I have read that you should take a day off for every mile you ran- which is almost a month! I have never done that, but that is probably what your body needs. I know you will be out there again soon- don't you have a half in March you are doing, crazy woman???

Anonymous said...

You body is telling you, you need to recoup. Do just that, you deserve it! xoxoxo G.

A-Nik said...

All of those aches and pains are just your body celebrating...they are saying "We did it! We did it!". Either that, or they are saying, "let's let her know exactly how we feel about this marathon thing". Hahahahahaha.

Unknown said...

i should send you pictures of the shadow box that christine made for us after we did the half last year. it has our medals, numbers, and some pictures in it. Its hanging in my man cave. that is all she worked on for the few days after the half that we were recovering...which is probably nothing compared to the pain you are recovering from! get some sodium bicarb to neutralize that lactic acid, get plenty of fluids, and plenty of protein for those repairing muscles!!

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