Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Just Do What I Can

So ever since the marathon I’ve been having “issues”.  Issues that I suspect are TMI for the blog.  Let’s just say my GI system hates me.  I know GI issues after long runs are common so I thought it was just that, but as the symptoms have persisted for 4 days, I’m convinced it is NOT marathon related.  If it is, MY BODY HATES MARATHONING. 

Anyway, I haven’t been able to eat.  I get nauseated very easily and I seem to wear out fast.  I know these symptoms sound akin to pregnancy, but don’t even go there.  I AM NOT PREGNANT NOR WILL I EVER BE AGAIN. So don’t even start that rumor.  This little family is complete, even if I do make cute kiddos.


So yeah, my house still looks like a bomb went off.  There are boxes and stuff everywhere.  I can only find the stuff I wonder why we ever moved and none of the stuff I really need.  I just do what I can when I can and TRY not to worry about the rest.

Ella’s Room Before (ashamed to even show these pics):

eet before2eet before3eet before

Ella’s Room After (she sure has a lot of shiz, walls will eventually be painted pink):

eet aftereet after3eet after6eet after2

In case you are keeping score I have 5 rooms complete.  In case you are also a mother you realize that the 4 other rooms not completed today probably are “befores” again and need done all over. 

Do me a favor, don’t pop by.  EVER! 


Anonymous said...

Oh, so sorry you aren't feeling put it midly - keep on plugging - eventually you will get there! xoxoxoxo G. P.S. You DO make cute kiddies!!!

Unknown said...

sorry you aren't feeling well Susan, if its not the flu or stomach bug maybe you should get your electrolyte levels checked. The extreme distance of the marathon may have put your body a slight bit out of whack and your body is having trouble re-regulating.

I hope everything works out! Nice work on the house it may be taking longer than you think it should but you are doing a heck of a job.

get well soon!

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