Monday, February 28, 2011

I’m a Runner

Sometimes I will spend all day taking pictures for my blog or be blogging in my head while I’m running or see something that automatically gives me a great idea for the blog.  Other times I’ll go about my daily life oblivious to my blog.  I don’t take a picture or even think about what would be a good blog topic for the day.   One guess as to what kind of day it was today. 

Enter… I’m a Runner Runner’s World style. 

Susan Tirch

Mother of 3 wonderful children and mediocre wife

36, Austin

I got into running about one and half years ago when my friend asked me to sign up and train for a half marathon with her.

My job as a mom is the most rewarding job I have ever had.  It requires a lot of hard work and patience, but the rewards you get are 10 fold what you put in.

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I’ve done 3 half marathons and became a marathoner last week when I completed the Livestrong Austin Marathon (recap here).  Nothing like running a new distance because you’re guaranteed a PR (personal record).  4:58:19

sdt3Pittsburgh half marathon 2010sdt run

finish kids

My goal this year is to complete 12 “races” either running, cycling, swimming or any combination of the three.  I have 10 races planned but I’m willing to switch it up as I need to.  My other goal is to continue to love it.  I don’t want training to ever feel like a chore. 

My shoulder and wrist were broken in June in a cycling accident.  My shoulder had to be “pinned” and required complete bed rest for 7 weeks to heal.  I’m currently in Physical Therapy with a pretty awesome therapist, Kelly

arm progress 004

Happy Pins Removed Face (or am I about to pee my pants?)

Here in Austin there are a lot of great opportunities to do races.  It was easy to plan out my race schedule.  There are a ton more races I could do if I had more time (and less kids).

I get so nervous the day of a race and sometimes the night before too.  I guess it’s a mix of nerves and excitement.  There is nothing like the adrenaline of a race to get you moving on those early mornings. 

I run in either tempo shorts or capri tights.  I generally like to wear my tights because you don’t get any of the “chub rub” on the inner thigh.  It rained the entire time during one of my half marathons and I wore shorts that rubbed my inner thigh raw.  Good times. Luckily for you there are no pics (of the rub that is..  there are always pics of me!


I’m a wimp when it comes to running in the heat.  I rather run when it’s four below zero and snowing than to run in eighty degrees and sunny.  True story.


I have a very supportive husband.  He never complains about entrance fees, hours missed together because of long runs, or me showing him when I’ve found a new muscle.  He supports and encourages me and I love him for it. 


Who is that blonde he’s with Winking smile

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Anonymous said...

Interesting - 10 races - do any HAVE to be cycling?? xoxoxxo G.

Unknown said...

i have to agree, running in the high heat STINKS! that being does get pretty hot there in TX in the summer...yikes.

Unknown said...

i just saw on the Dailymile widget that you are 2 miles away from 1000 lifetime trained miles (at least recorded on the dailymile)...

so i think you should go run 2 miles today just to say...look..1000. YES!

Ron said...

i have to agree, running in the high heat STINKS! that being does get pretty hot there in TX in the summer...yikes.

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