Wednesday, February 16, 2011

So Help Me God

I just want to say, if I get sick for this marathon so help me God I’m going to cry.  I’ll probably do it in dramatic fashion by dropping to my knees and pounding my fists on the ground. 

Am I sick you ask?  Feeling sick?  NO, but my kiddos are.  Jack is back to having a fever.  I took him to the doctor today to make sure the antibiotic was working to clear his ear infection (it is).  Apparently he has caught another virus on top of what he already had.  Oh joy!


Nicholas went back to school today after being out with a fever for 2 days.  Now the fever is back and worse than ever.  Right before bed it was 102.4 with Ibuprofen on board.  Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean to be selfish.  I don’t want to give off the impression that I don’t care about the kids.  God knows I don’t want them to be sick either. 

I really am praying that I do not come down with anything.  It would really suck to put in all this work for nothing.  If you have any pull with the man upstairs, I don’t mind you calling in a favor.  Winking smile 

Between school drop offs, doctor runs, school pick ups, wiping butts and making food, I did manage to make more progress on the house today! 

The playroom.  OMG do my children have a LOT of toys.  No make that an obscene amount of toys.   I don’t know how to weed things out any further.  While I can see my children don’t need 20 puzzles there is nothing wrong with any of them.  So, why do I have to get rid of them?  I don’t know.  Anyway, this is my attempt at organization.


playroom before2playroom before3


playroom after 2playroom after

After the stress of my day I was ready to just get out of the house and RUN!  I made plans to meet up with Julie to do 3 miles.  We don’t usually do mid week runs together, but I knew if I made plans to meet her at 5:30 I wouldn’t skip it.  You know how I am at evening workouts, but I couldn’t go to the gym because of having a sick kid.  I am NOT the type of person who will take her kids out sick infecting the rest of the world.  Hint:  you shouldn’t be either.  Yes you lady with the booger eating kid holding your hand.  You know who you are.  Winking smile

Anyway, If I hadn’t been planning to meet Julie I probably wouldn’t have gotten out there.  Plus, I just love having a running partner. 

3 Miles with Julie:

Total:  35:20

Average: 11:46

I have 4 miles on Thursday, 2 miles on Friday and my training for the marathon is complete.  I’ve found myself daydreaming about the marathon, but every time I do I get nauseated.  I guess it’s only normal to be nervous before my first marathon.  Let’s just pray I’m not sick!


Unknown said...

oh no, praying you stay well! Maybe I'll come cheer you on this weekend!

K cubed said...

the play room is extremely impressive. I will pray that you don't get sick for sure.

the hoppe pad said...

OMG...I know exactly what you mean! I have a half marathon this weekend and my daughter has been coughing...and I am like...COVER YOUR MOUTH! :)

Cannot wait to hear about your marathon experience!

Anonymous said...

I hope you stay well too! But it wouldn't all be for "nothing" if you can't....playroom looks great - very organized! Think of the house as a marathon - little bit every day and then all of a sudden it's finished!!! Hope the kiddos are better soon! xoxoxo G.

Unknown said...

I like G's comment.
You have overcome so much to get this far- I mean just since Ive known you- Illness, move, surgery- you are a doer and a finisher! Sunday will be just what you need it to be!

Kristie said...

Praying for good health. I work in a jr. high school and kids and teachers are dropping like flies with the flu (this is the first year in 10 years I didn't get a flu shot).
Glad to hear I'm not the only one that drifts off to marathon day and jumps back to reality, nauseated.
Good luck, thanks again for sharing your training on your blog. I have trained and will run alone, but it's nice to read about someone doing the same thing.

amanda @Diary of a Mad Fat Woman said...

come organize my house next please!!

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