Sunday, March 6, 2011

The First Born

I’m sure you’ve heard of the whole birth order thing and how birth order tends to lead to specific character traits.  Nicholas is your typical first born. 


He’s absolutely a people pleaser.  He likes to arrive on time (more likely early), he’s reliable, conscientious, and a team player. 


Going to his baseball games I’m reminded of all the characteristics of my first born child and it makes me swell with pride. 

So many times over the past two days (of 4 baseball games) I watched Nicholas in the dugout.  Most kids where literally climbing the fence, hitting one another, running around and not paying attention. 

Preseason Baseball Tournament 028

Nicholas never once had to be told to stop doing something, to behave or to pay attention.  Probably no one else even noticed, but as a mother I did.  I recognized that he wasn’t doing what he was “taught” to do.  He was just being him. 


Nicholas is such a well behaved, kind hearted kid.  For him, it’s just natural to “obey” the rules, natural to seek approval, and natural to be cooperative. 


Since I’m the self-centered, pampered one youngest in my family, I guess I really appreciate Nicholas’ first born attributes.  I’m proud of the “little” guy that he is and I look forward to the man he will become (just not yet).

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Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwww he is such a wonderful little boy! He's growing up fast! xoxoxo G.

Tyly said...

As a first born, you couldn't be more right!!! Those characteristics define me as well.

He is so handsome. :)

Unknown said...

I knew I liked that kid for a reason! Being a first born (usually the best ones!) I must commend him!

Tracey said...

I am a first born too, and you are so right! Nicholas is such a good kid. Owen still talks about him a lot.

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