Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mini House Tour

In case you hadn’t realized, my kids are on spring break this week.  By the end of Tuesday we had been to Chuck E Cheese, Rodeo Austin, packed a picnic lunch and went to a skate park.  Tomorrow we’re going to see Rango, but today I just wanted to stay home! 

House 1_28_2011 002

I had planned a play date for Ella, which meant I had to let someone into my house.  Luckily I’ve been coming a long way on getting the house put together and things are more or less presentable.  There isn’t anything hanging on the walls yet, but I’m hopeful George will be getting out the drill soon! 

It’s hard to take good pictures with only a zoom lens, but my other lens is broken.  DON’T ASK, but I’ll give you one “hint”. The only bald guy that lives in the house broke it!

So forgive my bad pictures, but welcome to my home tour.  Kitchen, living room, hallway.

House Living Room Kitchen Hallway 009House Living Room Kitchen Hallway 017House Living Room Kitchen Hallway 018House Living Room Kitchen Hallway 021House Living Room Kitchen Hallway 022

In case you missed it, here are the other completed rooms.  Dining room, kids bedrooms and playroom.

House_Dining Room 012

playroom after 2playroom afterjtt afterwnt after2wnt after

eet after3eet after6

Check back later; I still have the master bedroom and bath, office, and guest bedroom to go.

So there you have it; our humble abode.  Feel free to stop by for coffee, or wine, or chips and salsa or to help out with the laundry.

House Living Room Kitchen Hallway 006


Anonymous said...

Looks really nice. Hope I can help out when I get there! LOTS of laundry!! xoxoxoxo G.

A-Nik said...

It looks like a home!!! Yay!!

Unknown said...

when you are looking for a new lens for your camera...look at canon, but also Tamrom and Sigma.

a lens you will love (but has no zoom) and is inexpensive as well (as long as you are using a rebel series camera by canon)

If you need help with the cam let me know.
house looks good.

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