Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rock N Roll Dallas Preview

I can’t believe 5 weeks have past since I ran my first marathon.  It seems like just yesterday.  Don’t worry, the feeling of the pain (both mental and physical) is beginning to fade.  You know what that means right?  Run another race.  And so it begins…. Rock N Roll Dallas 1/2 Marathon!

We woke up this morning bright and early after the late night at the Spring Carnival yesterday.  Everyone was less than thrilled to get moving.  I hadn’t packed a single thing up until this morning, but we still made it out the door on time. 

My friend Julie is also running so we followed her and her husband up to Dallas.  It took us just about 3 hours to get to Dallas, not including the stops.  It wasn’t a bad trip and one I’m likely to do again (if I like the course). 

mike driving

Rock N Roll Dallas packet pick up 021

The expo was fairly crowded by the time we got there, but I was able to walk right up to my designated pick up area and retrieve my bib without a wait. 

bib sdt

I think I was a little ambitious when I put my estimated finishing time because I’m in coral 6.  That’s a 2:00 to 2:10 finish.  Even though my best time is in that range, it’s not going to happen tomorrow and I’m ok with that.

We all walked around the expo checking out what they had to offer.   I needed some socks and wanted some Sweaty Bands and picked up both.  There were some cute little games to play with small prizes (t-shirts, bandanas, ear buds) that you could win.  Of course there were plenty of photo opportunities. 

Some with Elvis: 

elvis eetelvis jtt eetelvis jttelvis wnt2

Some with former contestants on The Biggest Loser:

biggest loser

Some with our projected finishing time Winking smile

finish jkhfinish sdt

Overall, the expo was nothing special.  I guess I was expecting big things since it is a Rock N Roll event, but honestly, I’ve seen better.  The important thing is we got our bibs and we’re ready to go.

jkh sdt

bib jkhbib sdt2

We spent the rest of the evening properly fueling for our big day.  All we need now is a good night’s sleep.  So, goodnight my friends. 

Rock N Roll Dallas Packet Pick up 096

To everyone out there running tomorrow, wherever you are…

good luckhave a great race


A-Nik said...

GOOD LUCK!!!! Will be getting your progress via text. Can't wait! Love you!

Tri4Success said...

Welcome to my neck of the woods ..... have a great race!

Oh, and what are y'all eating in that pic?

Unknown said...

Rock It Tirch!

Tri4Success said...

Welcome to my neck of the woods ..... have a great race!

Oh, and what are y'all eating in that pic?

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