Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Sacrifices I Make, or Not

I should have done this post yesterday but what can I say, I’m always a day late and a dollar short. 

Anyway, yesterday was Ash Wednesday and thus the start of lent.  You know, the time where everyone gives up something to show their sacrifice for Jesus.  I don’t give up anything for lent.  I’m just showing my sacrifice on the daily instead.  Winking smile 

But, in honor of lent, I will tell you the things in life I could NEVER give up! 

#1 Chapstick

I have been highly addicted (read: abnormally obsessed) to Chapstick since sixth grade.  I know I can’t be the only one in the world who has a Chapstick within arms reach at every occasion.  Right?  Hello?  *Crickets*

#2 Under Armour Heat Gear Capris


These are hands down the best running capri tights.  The never fall down, they’re comfortable, and they prevent the dreaded inner thigh chub rub.  You’ll have to get over the fact that you’ve got skin tight spandex covering your backside, but that’s major minor. 

#3 Sirius Satellite Radio

Two words:  No commercials.  I need not say anything more. 

#4 My bike (Trek 2200 WSD) 

April 2010 007

After my accident, there is nothing more in the world my mother would want than for me to give up the bike (or maybe move back to Pittsburgh).  A girl can only run so long before she needs to switch it up.  Sorry mom!  Beside my bike is pink and I LOVE IT!

#5 Diet Coke

Clearly it is liquid crack that somehow has been made legal.  I enjoy it so much.  Guess what?  I don’t even want to quit.  There I said it.

#6 Chips and Salsa

It doesn’t matter what kind, where it’s from, if it’s hot or mild, chunky or not.  I love it all.  I love fresh hot tortilla chips.  My favorite are kind that are folded over and have salt tucked in the crevice.  I die! 

So yeah, I won’t be giving up anything for lent.  Instead, I’ll be riding my bike in my Under Armour capris, while listening to Sirius, drinking Diet Coke, eating chips and salsa and applying Chapstick.  What? Fine, fine I’ll leave the chips at home.  The sacrifices I make! 


Unknown said...

Great blog! Thanks for the laugh this morning!!

Unknown said...

My sister Trish shares your addiction to chap stick, in fact sometimes I think she eats it..because everytime I see her I swear she is asking me to pick up 5 or 10 of the burts bees ones from my work!

and I can attest to susan's chip and salsa addiction...because she got me hooked the Sams Club Fresh Salsa...and i used to sneak the folded over salty chips when she wasn't looking.

Anonymous said...

Okay the bike is fine! You have learned a the chub rub..........hmmm wonder if they have my size!!?? LOL xoxoxo G.

Anonymous said...

Okay the bike is fine! You have learned a the chub rub..........hmmm wonder if they have my size!!?? LOL xoxoxo G.

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