Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This is Your Life in Song

I’ve been struggling ever since the marathon to balance my life as a mother, wife, school volunteer, laundress, and homemaker (putter-together) while still keep my fitness goals intact.  It seems like something has got to give and that something has been my workouts. 

One of my favorite things to do is to wake up on a Sunday morning when I’m darn good and ready (read:  8:30), make myself have George make me a cup of coffee, and watch CMT Top 20 Countdown.  My kids are really into country music right now.  They enjoy watching the countdown too.  I’ve noticed lately country music seems to have the answers to everything I’m feeling.  It’s just simple like that. 

I’m missing my workouts, I’m eating like crazy, I’m going to get fat.

Whoa how sweet it is
Whoa yeah it felt good on my lips
Whoa how sweet it is
Whoa yeah it felt good on my lips—Tim McGraw

I’m not really a runner because I run too slowly.

Decker Challenge 2010 021

Yeah, I’m doing alright, Yeah, I’m doing alright

Yeah I’m dong alright for the shape I’m in. – Joe Nichols

The piles of dirty clothes are multiplying.  The house is a wreck.

living room

What do you want from me?  What do you want from me? – Jerrod Neimann

I’m not good enough, I’m not strong enough.

Pittsburgh half marathon 2010

I keep telling myself I’ll be ok

even on my weakest day

I get a little bit stronger—Sara Evans

You think I’m crazy?  Well it’s true!  There’s even a song about what I’ve been talking about. 

This is real; this is your life in song

Yeah this is country music – Brad Paisley

So when in doubt, turn to country music for answers.  I’ve got one last question.  Will anyone come back to read this blog ever again? 

Hell no, turn it off, come on, hell no – Cledus T Judd

Damn, I always knew I was a Pop girl anyway. 


Anonymous said...

Love it! xoxoxo G.

Unknown said...

good one!

Anonymous said...

Love it! xoxoxo G.

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