Friday, April 1, 2011

First Quarter Review

Can you believe we are starting the 4th month of 2011?  It seems just like yesterday we were ringing in the new year with my family in Pittsburgh

So much has happened in 2011’s “first quarter”.  Here’s a look back at the fun we’ve had. 

I went on my first run with Julie:

I ran my longest training run (20 miles) before the marathon:


We cheered on the Steelers in the Super Bowl:

Going for 7

George participated in the Touch Mudder:


We moved into our new house:

House 1_28_2011 003


I wrapped up my marathon training


I FINALLY ran my first marathon


We started the soccer and baseball season:


close up

We had a visit from my very good friend Jami:

Jamis last day 002

We went to Rodeo Austin:

the end

I bought my first pair of cowboy boots

Allen Boots 009

I got release from Physical Therapy:


I ran the Rock N Roll half marathon in Dallas:

Rock N Roll Dallas Half Marathon 008

Wow, I’m exhausted just looking back at all that’s gone on in three short months.  I’m excited to see what else 2011 has to offer.  I hope you’ll all continue to follow along.  Your support means so much to me.  Thank you so much to all my readers.  I truly appreciate every reader and every comment.  


Anonymous said...

What an amazing woman you are! xoxoxo G.

Unknown said...

nice! you are in texas now susan! you can say ya'll instead of you'll all :)

Tri4Success said...

She'll learn Ron. I'm in Texas so I didn't even notice the "you'll all". I just read it as "ya'll".

Mrsvirgo17 said...

Inspiring! Congratulations on your personal success.

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