Saturday, April 16, 2011

How to Prepare for a Triathlon

Triathlons are so much harder to prepare for than other races because there is so much “stuff” to worry about.  You certainly don’t want to forget anything.  Can you imagine getting to the race and realizing you forgot your bike?  That is totally something I would do. 

To ensure no “stuff” is left behind I used a handy dandy check list.  In light of the fact that I love and adore all you, my readers, I will share with you….

How to Prepare for a Triathlon Susan Style 

The Check List:

check list

Swim Gear: 

Tri Outfit and Sports Bra… Check


Goggles and Swim Cap… Check


Transition towel… Check


Bike Gear: 

Bike… duh… Check


Helmet, Bike Shoes… Check


Socks, Race Belt, Sunglasses, Water Bottles, Energy Bars… Check


Run Gear:

Shoes, Hat, Garmin… Check


So there you have it.  To review, getting ready for a triathlon Susan style includes:  using provided check list, checking off items you are going to take, and crossing out items you deem useless or don’t know how to use. 

check list after

Oh and don’t forget to pack all items in your convenient triathlon back pack. 


I hope you found this session enlightening, informative and above all entertaining.  I’m glad I could share my expertise in using a sharpie marker and making shoelaces into heart shapes. 

My work here is done… Check! 


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LOL - good luck! xoxoxoxo G.

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