Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Tisket a Tasket

A tisket a tasket,

I’m taking my teacher a basket. 

jtt eet3

As you can see I have a certain sheen,

my mom is too liberal with the sunscreen.

jtt eet2

A tisket a tasket,

I’m collecting eggs in my basket bag.


There’s too much wind I can not see,

but I’ll still smile, look at me!


A tisket a tasket, I’ve got my eggs in my basket bag.

I’ll open to see what I can find,

oh candy, chocolate and bubbles

Goodie, nothing my mom will mind!


A tisket a tasket, can’t we afford a basket? 

I’ll use this carton, I’ll make it full.

My mom made me wear pink, I think it’s bull!


A tisket a tasket, I don’t need a basket.

I’ll sit right here and open, to see what I can see. 

What’s that?  Candy?  All for me? 


A tisket a tasket, this whole thing’s a racket. 

I’ll smile once for this pic.

More candy, more candy, until I’m sick. 

sdt eet jtt


Anonymous said...

How cute! Happy Easter! xoxoxo G.

Unknown said...

Happy Easter Tirches!


Ron said...

Happy Easter Tirches!


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