Sunday, May 29, 2011

494 to Go

It’s our tradition, and you know how I am about tradition, to go the the zoo every memorial day.  Granted this has only been the tradition for the past two years, but it has been a great one and one we (as in the kids and I) would like to keep up. 

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Look how cute they are in their red, white and blue.  All American cuties.  Yet tomorrow there will be no zoo for the Tirch children as their father thinks it will be too hot. 

So much for the flag shirts and red and white wide brim hat for Ella.  No lions, no tigers, no bears… oh and no elephants either. 

Ok, ok I’m just giving him a hard time.  Truth be told, I am REALLY sad about ruining our tradition, but no part of me wants to walk around smelling stinky animals in 100 degree heat.  I’m thinking that the annual zoo trip is going to have to be on St. Patrick’s day now that we live in Texas. Winking smile


Other things that may need to change are either running wardrobe or running time of day.  I met Julie this morning at nine to tackle the six miles on our training plan.  By mile two I was stripping down to just my sports bra.  Julie told me I had to leave on my capri tights.  Hmph!  Anyway, it was hot and poor Julie struggled to finish.  I hope that she was glad I was there to push her along.  We did it though, six miles towards marathon training are complete. 

494 miles left to go.  Yes I added it up.  That’s roughly 85 hours of running over the next five and a half months.  Don’t you worry because I’ll document ever hour here for you.  You’re welcome. 

So what do you think should be our new Memorial Day tradition? 

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Amanda@Runninghood said...

The zoo in 100 degree weather sounds like no fun. We wouldn't know about that kind of heat here in Oregon...especially since summer has not payed a visit yet. :) But adorable family! Enjoy your day no matter what you do! ;)

Watchpot said...

Picnic at the pool!

Ronald Obringer said...

i ran this morning at 6 am in pittsburgh, it was 70 degrees and humid...i am still sweating after an ICY shower and breakfast (an hour later!!) so i can't begin to imagine how hot it was in texas at 9am...time to start running at 5am.

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