Sunday, May 22, 2011

Belton Lake Fun

Today started with a lack luster 4.4 mile run.  It was hot/humid and slow and not really worth discussing.  On to bigger and better things. 

Today we went to Belton Lake with Julie and her family.  The have 2 Sea Doos and we had a GREAT time playing with them. 

sea doo

Jack was timid today and would only go if George drove.  Every time George went over 10 mph he’d say, “That’s a little too fast.”  He always knows how to make me laugh. 

jtt mud

I drove Nicholas and he was VERY concerned from the get-go.  He lasted about five minutes before asking me to turn back. 

sea doo sdt wnt jkhsea doo sdt wnt

sea doo sdt wnt2sea doo sdt wnt3

I guess he’s just felt better on dry land. 


sdt wnt

Ella is the daredevil.  She went out on a long ride with Julie and I and loved every minute of it.  She didn’t mind going fast or the waves splashing in her face.

sea doo jkh eet

I think she would have driven herself if she could. 

eet sea doo3

After Julie, Ella and I got back George and I went out for a ride.  He also didn’t like going too fast and whined a couple of times.  Kids!  I told him he was a baby and then later I got stung in the face by a bee.  Karma!

sdt beestingsdt ice

I didn’t let it get me down.  We spent four hours having fun and it seemed like 15 minutes.  Why aren’t marathons like that? 



jtt behindeetjtteet jtt

Thanks Julie and Mike for an awesome day.  I honestly can’t think of anything I rather do then spending time out on the water, laughing and having and fun.  I feel so blessed to have found great friends.  It doesn’t hurt that they have fun toys!  Winking smile

jkh sdt

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Angie F said...

This post made me a little weepy. Nicholas looks SO GROWN UP. What the heck are you feeding him? Cute post. Love it!

Susan Tirch said...

I felt the EXACT same way when I saw the pics. He just looks so grown up and it makes me sad

Tyly said...

Belton Lake?! You were only like 20 minutes from me!!!!

Love your blog look. You know the stars make me think STEELERS!

Gran said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! It eases a Mother's heart that you have found great friends too! Thanks Julie and Mike! xoxoxo G.

Gran said...

They ALL look grown up -

Jharmon671 said...

It was lots of fun!

Susan Tirch said...

We should hook up the next time I go up. Have you ever been there before? It wasn't even crowded. It was insane. I want to be there every weekend now! haha

Tyly said...

Surprisingly enough, I haven't been there! I've heard great things, though!

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