Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lie on the Boat Stuffing Your Face

We spent the day at Belton Lake with Julie and her family… AGAIN.

Belton Lake May 28th 2011 002

I know, it’s a rough life, but someone’s got to do it.  If I made a post of the days events it would read something like this, which is the same as last week, and who wants to read that again?  Instead you get the two pictures that were taken. 

Belton Lake May 28th 2011 007Belton Lake May 28th 2011 005

Anyway being out on the water makes me want a boat very badly.  George and I have wanted a boat since we lived in Maryland and spent time out on the water in Annapolis.  Living up north, it hardly seemed reasonable to have a boat to use 3 months out of the year.  Now that we’re living in Texas we’re considering a boat again.  I’ve got my eye on this baby. 

I might be changing the name of the blog to Mom Swim Bike Run Lieontheboatstuffingyourface.   It has a nice ring to it no?  Anyway, I don’t know if the boat is in the NEAR future, but something I plan on researching and seeing if it’s right for us. 

In other news, tomorrow begins marathon training.  Can you believe it?  Well you better believe it because for the next 24 weeks I’ll be boring you with stories of my training woes (rarely are there victories, but if there are I’ll let you know of those too).  If I look to my marathon training plan, I see I have 6 miles on my schedule.  Since all I’ve been doing is working on my tan, I’m a little worried.  Wish me luck!

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Chris L said...

Good luck on your run! At least you got some fun and sun in first.

Tyly said...

I look forward to reading all about your marathon training!

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