Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mother’s Day Dukes and Daisies Race Recap

Break out the popcorn or something… this is going to be a long one!

What’s better on Mother’s Day than waking up at 6:00 am and heading out to a race?  I’ll tell you what’s better… just about anything that didn’t involve getting up at 6:00 am on Mother’s Day.  Ha!  Once I was up I was fine, but when the alarm went off I wasn’t pleased. 

This was a REALLY small race with around 80 participants.  I’m really surprised it is so small because it was a great venue, which was easy to get to, with plenty of parking, and an awesome flat course. 

We got there early expecting the normal pre-race madness.  Everyone was calm and cool when we got there yet they were still setting up the start/finish line at 7:10 (50 minutes before the “gun”).

Dukes and Daisies Mothers Day 003

We picked up our chips and Julie joked that they were house arrest bracelets they were so big (the timing dude was not amused).  Seriously though, take a look at this thing.

Dukes and Daisies Mothers Day 004

Aside from huge timing devices and a slow set up, the race was great and because it was so small we had plenty of time for pre-race pics.  Who doesn’t want more pics of me?  Don’t answer that!

Dukes and Daisies Mothers Day 022

Dukes and Daisies Mothers Day 001

jhk mh sdtjkh mh sdt2jkh sdt

We lined up at the start and we were pretty much front row (maybe I like small races after all). 

sdt start

sdt start2sdt start3

These women weren’t messing around and they started out FAST.  For the first quarter of a mile I was running under a 8:00 minute pace and they just kept drifting further and further away from me.  My plan was to go as fast as I could for as long as I could.  I knew my pace would dwindle over time, but I was hoping to just keep it under 10:00 minute miles at all times. 

The men started 3 minutes behind us as this used to be a female only race (always held on mother’s day).  I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was passed by the first male.  It happened at 7 minutes 34 seconds.  I do have to tell you that I was only passed by one female the whole race (and that was in the beginning).  I was ok being passed by the men, I just didn’t want any women gaining on me. 

I completed my first mile in 9:04 and was pretty happy.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to maintain, but a girl can dream right?  At mile marker 2 I got passed by a man pushing a double jogger and to add insult to injury we started heading into the wind.  I was tiring,  my legs were tiring and the wind wasn’t kind.  I really tried to keep my pace below 10:00 minutes, but I couldn’t no matter how hard I fought. 

I rounded the corner from the last water stop (just over 2 miles), dumped a cup of water on my head and chest and the wind was no longer in my face.  I fought back to a sub 10:00 pace and wound up finishing strong (7:16 pace for the last .16 miles).  Overall, my pace was under 10:00 per mile.  Woot!

sdt finish sdt finish 3

Dukes and Daisies Mothers Day 097


Dukes and Daisies 5K

Mile 1:  9:04

Mile 2:  9:37

Mile 3:  9:46

Mile .16: 7:16

Total:  29:41:08 (offical time)  Garmin time was 29:40:10

Average:  9:22

I didn’t set a PR, but I gave it my all and I have come a long way in my recovery from my accident.  I feel like I’ve finally reached almost the same level of fitness as before my accident and I’m ready to start kicking ass  being less than mediocre. 

7th place in my age group (there were 22) and 35th overall (there were 76).  This will never happen again so I had to document it. 

age group

After the race was over I was approached by a sweet girl named Jennifer.  She is a Dailymile friend and reads the blog.  It was so nice to have someone come up to me and tell me they read the blog and follow my training.  Jennifer did an awesome job finishing MUCH faster than I.  So if you’re on Dailymile go over and say hi to Jennifer and why you’re at it hit me up too.  And if you’re not on Dailymile, well then get with the program.  Winking smile   Nice to meet you Jennifer, I hope to keep seeing you around the races in Austin!  Thanks for coming up and saying hello! 

Julie and Mike (Julie’s husband) both did an awesome job at the race today too.  I’m so proud of Julie for pushing herself.  I know that she gave it her all and I hope she’s proud of that.  I know I’m proud of her! 


We hightailed it out of the race and headed home for Mother’s Day GIFTS celebration.  I love how excited the kids get to give me their presents and George always makes sure there is one from each of them.  What I love most is the homemade cards as that is where the love really comes in.  I soaked in the moment as each one gave me their card and beamed with pride as I got excited over all their hard work.  These are the moments you love as a mother.  This is why you go through 3 am feedings, dirty diapers, car pool and back talk!  Of course I loved the actually gifts too. 

A hand pump for my bike from Jack. 

sdt jtt giftsdt jtt kiss

A pair of Yoga socks from Ella.

sdt eet kiss

A frame for a painting Nicholas made me.  I want to hang it in the playroom.  I told him I wanted a frame and he remembered to tell Daddy.  How sweet. 

sdt wnt gift

Oh and George got me a present too even though he wasn’t supposed to get me anything.  A KINDLE!  I was really shocked because my cowboy boots (I got them months ago) were supposed to be my present.

sdt kindle

I may not have set a personal record today, but I got more than I could have asked for from my husband and children.  I’ll take love from my babies over a PR any day!  My cup runeth over. 

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amanda @Diary of a Mad Fat Woman said...

stupid question, but does your garmin automatically split your miles? I can't seem to figure out how to tell what my exact time was per mile with my 305. drr drr.

A-Nik said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!! <3

Susan Tirch said...

@Amanda @ Diary of a Mad Fat Woman

Here's how you see the laps on your garmin: Mode enter--> History enter --> Running enter --> totals enter --> enter on view weeks --> pick the week and hit enter --> enter on day --> arrow down to view laps and enter. You should be able to get it from there. Let me know if you this helps.

Tracey said...

I totally forgot you were running this today! Sorry- I meant to wish you luck. Nice time! Great pace- you are getting so strong. Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

You are blessed! Nice job! xoxoxo G.

Tyly said...

What great gifts!!! I love my Kindle.

You did a great job at your race! I hope to be as fast as you one day. :)

Tri4Success said...

Great run and glad to hear you're ready to start kicking ass! Sounds like a great Mother's Day.

Unknown said...

Great job Momma Tirch!

Tyly said...

What great gifts!!! I love my Kindle.

You did a great job at your race! I hope to be as fast as you one day. :)

Tracey said...

I totally forgot you were running this today! Sorry- I meant to wish you luck. Nice time! Great pace- you are getting so strong. Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

Ron said...

Great job Momma Tirch!

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