Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nobody’s Perfect

I’m sure if you read my blog and don’t know me in real life, or maybe even if you do, you have a certain perception of me.  I’ll be the first to admit that I put on the blog what I want.  I usually share the good and leave out the bad and the ugly (except when it comes to workouts).  So from the outside looking in, maybe it seems like all roses and butterflies.  It’s not. 

When you have three kids, spend time volunteering, workout, and run a household, something has got to give.  For me, that something is my house.  So here it is.  Not the good, but the BAD and the UGLY.

I have a messy disastrous laundry room. 

laundry before

Around the House 004

My son is a piggy.

wnt sink

You could feed a small family with the food on my floor [also my car (not pictured)].


Even when the laundry gets done, it doesn’t seem to put itself away. 


jtt before2

I baked chocolate chip cookies from a mix and didn’t even cut out the box top.  *Gasp*

cookie bag

You can write in the dust on my entry table.

dust me

You can’t really see it in the picture but I swear I wrote dust me in the dust

So yeah, I rather have fun with my family or run a marathon than have a perfect house.  You can’t have it all and I’m ok with that. 

Hurry up and stop over today because I took off the morning from workouts, school functions, and any other activity, and for today only we’re offering.. .

A clean laundry room:

laundry after

Homemade Fresh baked cookies. 


Clothes that are put away.

jtt after

And clean bathrooms. 

wnt after 2

Who knows maybe you’ll even get a home cooked meal.  Who am I kidding?  I’ve worked so hard today, I’m ordering take-out.  What?  Nobody’s perfect. 

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Feener44 said...

ahhh - just feeling the same way. i need one day dedicated to cleaning ..i poured clean laundry on my bed so that tonight when i get upstairs i have no choice but to put it away !!!

Watchpot said...

You are priceless!!! xoxoxo G

Lisa McCarthy said...

I can handle cleaning and folding laundry, but somehow getting it into the kids drawers and closets is the hardest part for me. I live with someone who seems "particular" about how things are around the house, though. I do my best, but mothering 3 kids 5 1/2 and under means some things fall to side. I'd rather have 3 happy kids and a happy Mom who got her workout in than have a perfectly clean house!

victoria.odle24 said...

Lol. Reading this made me laugh. The laundry reminds me of my own house. I have no problem with the washing, drying, folding etc. its when it comes to the putting away that I can't seem to do. The picture of laundry folded on the bed is currently how my son's bedroom looks. Although my laundry isn't put away, at least my 4yo son and 3yo daughter are happy *most days*

tracey smith said...

Thanks for making me feel better knowing I am not the only one who lets things go!

Chris L said...

How did you get all these pictures of my house?

Kortni said...

That is hilarious! I always love to see the clean results of good housework if only the kids didn't mess it up again in about 10 seconds!

laura buchanan said...

youre making me feel better about myself!!! my house has been in a constant state of disaster for about a month. even after the cleaning lady (aka my mom LOL!) comes, its a wreck within a few hours. its just too hard to work, take care of kids, husband, cook, workout, AND have a clean house!!!

The First Day said...

So glad I am not the only one!! I as well have 3 kids, a couple Mount Laundrymore piles placed around my house, my bathrooms are GROSS ( 3 boys + daycare kids = very gross powder room and boys bathroom!)Beds are NEVER made! So thanks for sharing, I would put in the effort to clean today, but let's face it within 2 seconds someone will piddle on the toilet seat, dirty a shirt, or drop food on the floor, so it is pointless right!

Home C.E.O. said...

i love it!! i can't wait to start following when blogger gets fixed. bastards!!

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