Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Operation Abs

Today there was a crazy person who tried to kill me.  He came in the form of a spin instructor, but I swear he had it in for the class.  I don’t think I’ve ever worked out as hard during a spin class or ever (as in EVER) sweat that much.  I searched sweat in my pictures and came up with this. 

sdt red sweatsdt postrun

sdt red sweat2

Anyway, it was worse than any of those pictures, but I didn’t snap a picture of myself.  (It was my first day at the “Y”, give me time to embarrass myself.)  The only time I remember being more hot was when I rode 68 miles in 98 degree heat with my friend Angie who had on two pairs of shorts.  Not cool Ang, literally not cool.

susan and angie

I did feel awesome afterwards and isn’t that what it’s all about?

I should also mention that Bianca made me do an ab workout.  Does anyone else remember the physical fitness test from elementary school?  You know where you see how many sit ups you can do in comparison to your friends.  Yeah well that was me today and the number was ten!  I don’t think I’ve tried to do a “real” sit up since elementary school and it showed today.  Bianca busted out 30 of those babies like nobody’s business.  Luckily for her, she didn’t challenge me to the flexed arm hang.  I sooooooooo would have beat her at that.  Winking smile 

Am I the only one who remembers this torture?  Clearly it was humiliating back then and it was again today.  That coupled with the fact that I didn’t shave my legs.  (Sorry Bianca.)  I will be practicing and I’m going to challenge her to the flexed arm hang be able to do 30 REAL sit ups!  

Operation Abdominals has begun! 

Now it’s time for your workout for the day.  I’ve been nominated for Circle of Moms Top 25 Heath and Fitness Mom Blog.  If you’d like to vote for me you can do so by clicking here and then clicking the little thumbs up next to my blog name.  You can vote once every 24 hours.  Yes mom, you have more work to do.  As always, thanks for reading and thanks for voting.  I don’t know what I get if I win, but I’m thinking it means I get to retire.  Winking smile


Anonymous said...

At least you didn't have to climb that big rope!


Angie F said...

One of the dumbest days of my life. What were we THINKING?!?!

Chunky Monkey said...

I am just getting into spin. I had no idea what great workout I have been missing!

Chunky Monkey said...

I am just getting into spin. I had no idea what great workout I have been missing!

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