Friday, May 13, 2011

Sounds Like Life to Me

Today I woke up planning on going to Body Pump at the Y, but my body and my son had a different plan.  I will embarrassingly admit that I am still so sore from my workout with Bianca on Wednesday.  How pathetic is that?   I kind of still wanted to go to the gym and do Body Pump anyway, but Jack was really whiney this morning.  He begged me to not go to the gym with a sad, sad face.  He never complains about going to the gym, so of course I felt guilty. 

I asked if he just wanted to go on a run in the stroller and he cheered right up.  Even though running with the jogger wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do, I went with it because that’s what life threw at me today.

jtt jogger

On the way over to the trail I heard a song on the radio and it got me thinking.  The song was “Sounds Like Life to Me” by Darryl Worely.  Here’s a bit of the lyrics.

Sounds like life to me it ain’t no fantasy
It’s just a common case of everyday reality
Man I know it’s tough but you gotta suck it up
To hear you talk you’re caught up in some tragedy
It sounds like life to me

Often times in my life I make a million excuses.  Today I didn’t-- I could have easily stayed home because my abs hurt or because my son wanted me to stay home.  I’m not saying there aren’t times when you should rest your body when it REALLY needs it.  There will also be times when you children just NEED you.  What I’m talking about is using life as an excuse to stand in your way. 

This can apply to many things in life (relationships, careers, money issues), but I’m applying it to exercise.  For some reason people feel the need to tell me why the don’t or can’t exercise.  I’m not sure why they feel obligated to share this with me, but I can guess it’s because they feel “guilty”.  So yeah, I’ve heard lots of excuses.  I’m too old, I work too much, I’m too tired, I have X number of kids, I’m in school, I have this illness and many more.  The point is, that’s just LIFE! 

Everyone has “stuff” in life that he or she can use as an excuse to not achieve his or her goals.  The truth of the matter is, there is someone out there who is just as old (or older), works longer hours, is more tired, has more kids, goes to school longer, is more sick, or whatever the case may be, and they find time to exercise.  They’re not letting LIFE get in the way.  Sometimes you have to just suck it up.  Sure it’s going to be tough, but if you want it badly enough you won’t allow life’s obstacles to get in your way. 

I realize I’m successful in my exercise endeavors because I am NOT old, I don’t work 40 hours a week, I don’t go to school, I’m not sick.  I’m not saying those things aren’t legitimate obstacles.  What I’m saying is to deal with the hand you’ve been dealt.  Your life is what you make it.  Don’t let LIFE stand in your way.

So strap your 40 pound three year old into the jogging stroller, and wince through the pain as every footstep jars your aching muscles.  It’s just a common case of every day reality.  It’s not a tragedy, it’s just life!

sdt jtt jogger

3 Mile Jog:

  • Mile 1:  11:31
  • Mile 2:  11:27
  • Mile 3: 12:00

Total: 35:01

Average:  11:39

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Tracey said...

Great post tonight. So true. Glad you got out there with Jack!

Chunky Monkey said...

Great alternative and while making memories.

Angie F. said...

I am catching up from vacation and I had to comment...LOVE THIS POST!!! SO TRUE. XOXO

Unknown said...

GOOD post susan. so true.

Ron said...

GOOD post susan. so true.

Tracey said...

Great post tonight. So true. Glad you got out there with Jack!

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