Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Special Milestone

Today was a very special day for my oldest son, Nicholas.  He made his first holy communion all decked out in his suit that his mom forced him to wear Sunday best. 

wnt home3

Days like today make me think back to when he was just born.  He was born 5 weeks premature, which in most cases isn’t a big deal, but in his case was.  He spent the first 17 days of his life in the hospital attached to too many wires and tubes. 


From the day he was released from the hospital he never experienced an issue related to his prematurity.  You’d NEVER even know he was born so sick.  In fact, he is pretty much perfect, if I do say so myself. 

God had a plan for Nicholas.  He may have had a rough start, but he has been smooth sailing ever since.  I feel like he is a blessing and that God gave me an extra special gift when he gave me Nicholas.  I know he’s my child, but he is a pretty special/remarkable kid. 

For all that God has given me, it seems only right that I make it my responsibility to make sure my children know and accept the love of Jesus.  I may not do good ALL the time, but today we hit a milestone as Nicholas accepted the body of Christ. 

First Communion Nicholas 118First Communion Nicholas 124First Communion Nicholas 108First Communion Nicholas 056

wnt walking in

wnt church2




Congratulations Nicholas, Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you, not just today but EVERY day. 


Anonymous said...

He truly is a gift and you are a great Mom! George isn't so bad either. xoxxo G

Unknown said...


He looks like a mini george (with more hair) in his blazer and slacks!

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